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Could a Hunger Games prequel about Haymitch hold its own?

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Rumors have been circulating on the internet that Mockingjay director Francis Lawrence has thought about making/directing a Hunger Games prequel. This is hardly surprising Lionsgte would be wise to capitalize on the Hunger Games name while they still can. A sequel might interfere with author Suzanne Collin's continuity if she should ever decide to write a sequel, so a prequel is the obvious choice. Francis Lawrene says that a Haymitch movie would make the most sense but that finding new content and making the story different and unique would be unique. I respectfully disagree.

First and foremost Haymitch was reaped into a Quarter Quell where he was forced to face 47 other tributes instead of the standard 23. Then you have the thing where there had only ever been one Victor from District 12 before Haymitch and that Katniss had thought him/her dead before Haymitch's games. Can you imagine the adversity Haymitch would have to face? Twice the tributes, and no mentor, it could make for an interesting story.

Thirdly there is the alliance he had with the District 12 tribute Maysillee Donner. Maybe he tried to have what Peeta and Katniss had where they both survived, but realized that he has to give it up that dream. Fourth of all the arena in which the second Quarter Quell is the most interesting arena ever mentioned in the books. In a nutshell the world there is beautiful but everything is toxic. This results in an oversized Career pack trying to control the only safe food source in the Cornucopia.

The fifth and last reason is exploring how Haymitch became the drunk he did. The book tells us a stunt he pulled in the games resulted in his family being killed by the Capitol. Maybe this is why he so fiercely guarded Katniss and Peers after the 74th Hunger Games? Maybe the writers could explore the tributes that came before the lethal lovers (my favorite expression by the way) and the toll their deaths took on Haymitch.

In conclusion there is more than enough content to support a standalone Haymitch prequel. The writers could have a chance to explore a drastically underused character. What do you guys think? Comment, spread your ideas, and as Haymitch would say... stay alive.


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