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The latest sneak peek for Batman Vs Superman has just been released...

And it's awesome..

Little do most people know though, a lot was revealed in just those 50 seconds. Go ahead and watch the clip below before you read on.

Now that you've seen it, let's go into the three things I think the Batman vs Superman teaser implicitly reveals.

1. It was all a dream!

Batman is definitely dreaming in this clip. It supports the notion that Bruce thinks of Superman as some planet conquering king. You could easily view this sequence as a look inside Batman's mind.

2. Batman is intimidated by Superman

Yeah Batman is supposed to be the king of using fear on his foes. I'm guessing however, that a god like being from outer space isn't something Snyder's Batman has dealt with before. In the trailer we can see him panting and looking pretty nervous. Can we really blame him though?

3. We can clearly see what Batman thinks of Superman before their fight

In the clip Superman is seen walking past cowering guards with the 'S' logo on their outfits, he clearly looks angry, and he also snatches Batman's mask off in disgust. What does this mean? Batman thinks of Superman as a villainous alien, and this exact clip tells us why he feels like he has to fight Superman.

Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel live on December 2nd to watch the worldwide debut of the brand new Batman Vs Superman trailer!


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