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What a Epic!

The fall finale on half of Gotham season 2 episode: Worse than a crime,

catch all the excitement, action, thrilling and a lot of fighting against the monks!

Bruce & the monks.
Bruce & the monks.
Gordon & the Gang GIF.
Gordon & the Gang GIF.

Theo Galavan has capture all of us into the scariest moment

for the past 11 episodes we ever seen!

The GCPD massacre, The arkham asylum break out,

Capturing mayor James, have penguin kill the running mayors

and destroying the Wayne enterprises, stap penguin's mother,

stap Jerome, use silver to pretend Bruce's friend & last but not least......

creating the "maniax".

Theo Galavan.
Theo Galavan.

Now that he's dead, what's going to happen to Tabitha & Silver?

Nobody knows.

But now that "Worse than a crime" has been a epic episode,

Let's take a look at these videos of Theo Galavan & his revenging plans

of Bruce Wayne & taking over of Gotham city!

And that's it!

11-episode's clips of theo's world of revenge!

"Worse than a crime" turns out an outstanding episode!

Can't wait til Gotham comes back til February.


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