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The Walking Dead. A great show that has had the privilege of 6 successful (yes I'm counting Hershel's farm) seasons! We've watched this group of survivors live,love, die, laugh, cry, cheat, sex, kill, question, beard, CORAL, betray, be pregnant, stupid, evil, caring and now it's time to watch them end. I want to see the show end with dignity and not because we as fans have lost faith.

It seems to me that the show is running out of things to do. For starters it's already strayed far enough from the comics that it is it's own entity. It's separate enough that it has creative freedom to do what it pleases. I won't spoil anything but in the comics things are much more brutal and are about to get worse(in relation to the show that is). But saying that isn't even a surprise to any reader and that's the problem!

The Walking Dead is predictable. Its fallen into the same trap that most popular action/drama series do, Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

  • 1. Rick and company are struggling to find safety.
  • 2. "Wow! Look theres a (insert ideal location) in the distance! Let's Check it out!" They do and cautiously set up shop.
  • 3. "Look out we're being attacked!" A new enemy appears and its (insert some crazy pants individual; the governor, terminus, crazy police force living in a hospital)!
  • 4. Rick and company, while balancing their sanity/humanity and morality, fight back. In the process losing a few people we don't care about, and 1 or 2 that'll leave us screaming at the TV in tears in disbelief.
  • 5. "Crap we're homeless and not safe here. Let's move!" Repeat steps 1-4.
I hated when Beth died but thats why I loved it
I hated when Beth died but thats why I loved it

I love a good zombie flick just as much as anyone else, no probably more. It makes my inner geek jump with joy to see a squad of badasses led by Rick tactically take down a group of walkers but to be honest it's getting a little boring. I had some hope in season 5, as much as I love Rick the best way to maintain interest in his character is sending him off the deep end. Slowly it was happening. Rick was forgetting what it meant to be "good" in order to be a leader and provide for his people. He was so scared of dying that he was becoming the monster he hated and I watched the whole time saying "Oh god No. Not Rick! But... Keep Going." It created that dilemma that we love to watch, the same thing that happened to Walter White. We were beginning to watch Rick turn into the bad guy, into Terminus. And we HATED it but thats why we loved it.

Do it Rick
Do it Rick

But then they pulled the plug and Rick went running back to his morals. He's not 100% which is fun to watch because he's teetering on the edge but its not enough. And now he's going to face off with yet another foe. Again. Another savage group of raiders. Sound familiar? Yaaaawn.

Maybe I'm crazy. Nah, I'm not I just want a quality show. I see season 7 ending with Carl dying while trying to save Judith who also goes down during a Negan coordinated zombie raid. Morgan goes on a killing spree after being forced to kill in self defense and has to be put down but kills Carol in the process. This'll send Rick into a rage. Heading straight for the Wolves, his band follows because they won't let him go alone even though he won't listen to reason. In the attack Glen dies taking a hit for Rick. Michonne dies too but not before slicing half of the wolves in Half. Rick loses an arm and an eye but kills Negan by ripping his throat out with his teeth. Daryl is the only real survivor. The series ends with Rick laying in a pool of blood and tears while Daryl walks off into the distance with nothing but his vest and scars to show for everything he's been through. BAM. Don't worry there would be a lot more little details but thats the gist of it.


What do you think? Should the Walking Dead continue?


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