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Fantastic news for fans of Melissa Benoist and the latest addition to the DC TV Verse; CBS has ordered seven more episodes of [Supergirl](tag:2246875), bringing it up to a full (ish) first season.

The network originally planned on a thirteen-episode first season, starting a little later than most of the other fall shows- a move that can be risky, especially if the fate of [Constantine](tag:1128475) is anything to go by! However, it seems to have worked out for Kara and Team Supergirl, as THR reports that the season will be extended to twenty episodes in total.

While this still isn't a completely full season (which would be twenty-two episodes in total), this is presumably simply because of the slightly later start.

The move also bodes well for the show being picked up for a second season, assuming that the ratings remain consistent (or close enough) for the remainder of season one. Supergirl is currently sitting at a 2.8, higher than both of Greg Berlanti's other superhero shows, [Arrow](tag:720988) and [The Flash](tag:1068303), so unless those ratings crash in the coming months, it looks like Kara, Alex, Cat and the crew will be settling in for a renewal next year!



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