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It has been awhile since I made a post here on Movie pilot, but in this case my theory should be shared.

In all chances my theory is correct , there may be potential spoilers below...

Now in my own crazy way , let me explain what I see DC planning to do.

Now the idea may have been thought of , and the theory might have been said, honestly I have no clue....

Even if it has been, it's nothing close to mine.Without further stalling , say hello to my theory.


Now think about it ladies and gent., ever since the DC television universe has been created fans and followers of the shows have asked for crossovers with the movies.

Each time they have been shot down.

To ease the masses and achieve the same effect , DC and CW agreed upon making the Flarrowverse (Flash and Arrow).

Hopefully you're still paying attention because this is where things get good.

With the masses settled and satisfied they pursuit to make them even happier and create Batman vs Superman and release the future plans of The Justice Leauge.

Now with DC fans happy , why exactly have they gone this far to keep them strictly separate ????

It's because of the infinite crisis!

DC plans on leading into this with the Justice Leauge. Once their heros are created and their team is made official on the big screen what are they going to do next ? MARVEL has already beat them on every term .

Except one !

DC has proven time and time again they like their content dark and brutal . With this being the case ,how else would they top MARVEL ?

With the infinite crisis not only does it connect the flashs earth-2 and it's theories , but it would also connect the entire flarrowverse which is rumored to expand adding super-girl.

If this is true , what does it mean ?

DC not only needs to out class marvel but they need to beat them at their own game .

With the infinite crisis DC would connect their main heros with diffrent versions of themselves. Having to battles enemies from all over their Infinite universes .

This happens with Justice Leauge Part One.

We all know the Leauge will form at the end of Batman vs Superman. It's common sense.

But what threats will they face ? Zod , no.

But doomsday yes , after doomsdays deafeat it would trigger a new onimaly ,one that is sensed from another dimension.

Batman would get curious and this would set up the bases for the infinite crisis.

How it beats MARVEL.

Marvel may have a whole war planned and a phase after but DC will successfully create the largest connection network of con tent , something MARVEL has yet to do.

All DC universes would come together.

All batman movies/shows , all superman movies/shows etc.

Not only would they get more money but it would add more views to it , and gain more intrest from viewers and fans.

This is DC's trump card.

Final thoughts.

I know my theory is scattered , and kinda out there but if it's true it would surpass MARVEL in anyway.

Let me know what you guys think .


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