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As always, this goes without saying: 'Walking Dead' TV series and comic book spoilers, dead ahead!

By now, chances are you've probably already watched 'Start and Finish,' the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, and after seeing one person (ONE FRIGGIN' PERSON!) die, you got the giggles when you heard the name Negan, in this here prologue:

And chances are, you have a pretty good idea who this Negan cat is:

Jeffrey freakin' Dean Morgan!
Jeffrey freakin' Dean Morgan!

In issue 97 of the comics, we're introduced to Negan in much the same way as we were in the show, except with totally different people (Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Glenn, and Carl) in the van (not a fuel truck), who are stopped by the Saviors on cycles. According to The Walking Dead Wikia, this issue:

...says this:

...Heath then tells Abraham that Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Glenn, and Carl will be back soon and Abraham replies, saying that he hopes so.
In the meantime, Rick and the rest of the group are in a van, back on their way to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. In the van, Rick seems to be in an optimistic state, saying he believes that there could be an end to the amount of walkers some day and that it is time to get proactive. He sees that the Hilltop Colony could be the way to regain some sort of normal life. All of the sudden, the sound of a motorcycle is heard.

Rick's party is confronted by a small band of men on motorcycles, wielding rifles and demanding all of their supplies in the van in the name of "Negan". Rick refuses, surmising that the man addressing him is "Negan", but all of the men claim to be "Negan". In the ensuing fight, all of the men are killed but one, who is told that Rick's party, will be protecting Hilltop from now on. Rick further demands half of Negan's supplies as tribute, and sends him away. Carl, having watched the encounter, begins to remember details from before, specifically the incident with Abraham where he was nearly raped. Rick's group then leaves as the walkers approach to devour the gang.

The group stopped by the gang on the road was different in the comics than it was on the show. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha were the lucky ones Sunday night. In the comics, Rick's group ends up killing all but one Savior, so you can bet that the three in the show will do the exact same thing. Scott Gimple already promised us this:

“Friends, in all seriousness, Episode 9 is one of the biggest episode we have done. Greg [Nicotero] and the astounding cast and crew made magic. We can not wait to show it to you February 14. Make sure your television boxes are in good operation conditions and install safety belts on your couches. This one is gargantuan. Some people give candy, flowers, and/or hilariously-themed teddy bears. This Valentine's Day, we are giving you The Walking Dead midseason premiere.”

So when Rick and his group in the comics slaughtered the saviors, and left one alive to run back to Negan, they set in motion a chain of events (I love saying stuff like that) that eventually led to Negan bashing Glenn's skull in. Glenn was in the group in the comics, in the van. Who's in the group in the show? The one that people are saying will bite it this season, and they'll riot? The one that muttered the name "Glenn" on the couch in that one interview:

Could Daryl be taking the place of Glenn this season, and in that interview, he threw us not-so-completely off? Since Negan will appear in the last episode of this year, and Norman Reedus has started a new show, seemingly in preparation for his post-TWD life, you can be sure of one thing:


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