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Today, during the mid-season finale of Gotham, we got a sneak peek of the upcoming film "[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)".

The sequence shows a captured Batman hanging from the ceiling by his wrists alongisde other prisoners in the same situation in an unknown underground location. Suddenly, Superman lands and menacingly walks through a hallway full of armed guards wearing patches with the iconic "S" symbol, toward the Dark Knight.

Superman then removes Batman's cowl and Bruce Wayne´s angry expression is revealed.

But don´t be confused by the nature of this 50-second clip, since everything that happens in it is a nightmare, as revealed by a Batman action figure shown earlier this year:

This is the same sequence in the second trailer where Batman murders Superman´s soldiers in the desert.

From the clip, we also get a reveal of when a new, proper trailer will be coming out and, that will premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, December 3rd.

What did you think of the new teaser? Did you like it or were you disappointed by it? Are you more excited for the upcoming trailer or do you prefer to wait for the film?


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