ByMoe Johnson, writer at

This is a hard one there have been many great sidekicks. Ankin to Obi Wan, Speedy to Green Arrow, Bucky Barnes to Captain America, Kato to Green Hornet, Penny to Inspector Gadget, War Machine to Ironman, Robin (Dick Grayson) to Batman

I could go on and on some those sidekick are better than the Heroes they assist. My decidon was extremely difficult but hands down the Greatest Sidekick of all time is no other than Dr. Harleen Quinzel better known as


Like some of the other sidekicks I named named she might just be better then her Leader. I mean you have to be an ABSOLUTE LUNATIC to follow the word of Joker.

She's Crazy but an Ex psychologist, Highly Intelligent, a Gymnaist gracefully agile, Strong, Immune to most toxins and Exceptional Hand Combatant

All of that and again following quite possibly the CRAZIEST and most dangerous comic book villain of all time led me to the decision that hands down the GREASTEST SIDEKICK of all time is



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