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DC has finally made it’s extended universe, which will stretch to 2020 with Batman v Superman (BvS) being release in March of 2016 to kick it off. In these Detective Comic Universe-Opinion Post’s, which is abbreviated (DCU-OP), I will be writing about a certain movie in the Dc line-up. My speculation will mainly start with the Wonder Woman film all the way to my desire end of Dc films, and I will discuss what I want in these new films. NOTE: I am only speculating and I am a fan of DC, and there will be spoilers.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is coming to the big screen in a major way for the first time in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), with the Fast Five star Gal Gadot playing the heroine. Wonder Woman is the most classical and the best female super-heroine, besides Wasp and Phoenix, in all of comic book history. When Wonder Woman finally hits theaters, we as the audience needs to see who, how, and why she is called the Wonder Woman, with her film debuting her origin in a scene or two. Gal Gadot should show us that she didn’t get the role because of a future team-up that could use some badass Icandy, but that she is Wonder Woman as Chris Evans is Captain America. Wonder Woman's performance should be a mix of Charlize Theron's Furiosa, Emily Blunt's Rita character from Edge of Tomorrow, with a ending spice of Gal Gadots own attributes. I think that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be a sexy, but story driven character throughout!


Recent rumors from the Wonder Woman film suggest that we could be seeing Ares as the main villain and Circes as a secondary villain, but with so many male villains isn't it time for a change? Nicole Kidman is also a big part of recent news as she is currently in negotiations with WB to be playing someone big, such as Hera, Circe, or even Hippolyta. Nicole Kidman would be amazing as Hera, so she can be used in a future film while the great Eva Green gets the role she deserves. Eva Green has shown us time and time again that she can play a great villain, which is why she has to play a double role as Circes and Hecate. If Circe and Hecate are in the first film then there is a definite possibility that we could see Cheetah also!

The Future

In the world of Wonder Woman there are Gods and goddesses in her comics, that primarily originate from the Greek mythology. To me, the perfect villains for the first movie would of course be Circe's and Hecate, because not only do they call for strong actresses, but they also provide some build-up for other Greek characters like Ares and Hades. The one thing I want to see in the future is Princess Diana's whacky side is the wonder spin, but even more so, the Invisible jet, because it is just the dumbest addition to the heroine. I would hope to her spoil her boyfriend, Steve with the invisible jet!!! Some hints to future introductions of Doctor Psycho and Giganta would be AMAZION too!


Do you think Eva Green would make a great Wonder Woman villain?


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