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Ethan Williams

So Tom Hardy is playing two brother gangsters in this movie who are very, very, different from one another. Now does this movie deserve any awards for what he has done? Let's get to the good and the bad!

Good: Tom Hardy is spectacular in this film. It just goes to show the range he can do in this film by playing two completely different people, it's really cool. The dude Hardy plays with the glasses is a maniac and the other dude he plays is all smooth, which was interesting to contrast the two opposites. This movie also explores the mafias of London in the 1960's and such and it's really interesting to see a gangster film from the other side of the pond. There was also some mafia stuff that was really intense and had me on the edge of my seat at some point. I should also point out that everyone else did a good job playing their parts, the kid from Kingsmen was in this so that was cool.

Bad: First off, the title is dumb, it makes no sense. Secondly, this movie dragged on for so long that for every exciting part in this movie, there was like 20 minutes of boringness. And one last thing, I'm sorry but in some parts in this movie there needed to be subtitles because I couldn't understand a thing these guys were saying through their British accent!

Overall, this movie really could have been something great, but it just became a little bland with some exciting parts here in there, so I'm going to give Legend a 6/10. By no means is this a bad movie, just a one you can skip.


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