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At the time, it always seems like such a good idea: lining up with your brothers and sisters, donning matching sweaters and smiling for the camera, a little slice of family history preserved forever.

It's not until you rediscover said picture 20 years later that your brain revises history and you curse your parents for forcing you and your siblings to wear matching sweaters.

Yes, the family portrait is a tradition as old as the camera itself, and celebs aren't immune. Check out these 5 super adorable family portraits (or selfies; it is 2015, after all) found in celeb photo albums.

1. Katy Perry

Last week, Katy Perry posted this photo of a festive Hudson family portrait on Instagram. From left to right that's younger brother David, mom Mary, dad Keith and sister Angela.

She looks totally adorable, right? And even now that Katy's a modern day sex symbol, she still looks almost exactly like the cute kid in the photograph.

If Katy's new Christmas H&M commercial is anything to go by, her festive fashion game has been taken up a few notches in the intervening years...

As a bonus, here's Katy's grandmother wishing her fans a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend just gone.

Grandmother Hudson, 94, seems like a diamond!

2. The Kardashians...

The Jenner-Kardashian clan are no strangers to lining up for the camera, and this Thanksgiving snap was posted by Kylie with the caption: "Thankful for my blended family."

Caitlyn, Kris and all the girls made it in, along with Kylie's boyf, Tyga, and Scott Disick, which seems like a positive sign that Scourtney are back on track...

thankful for my blended family

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kanye's in there too, and that guy on the left is Sakiya Sandifer, a friend of Kanye's who walked Kylie down the aisle at his wedding to Kim.

As you can imagine, even way back in the day the Kardashian family portrait was a pretty glam affair.

Don't Kris and Robert look so proud of baby Rob and their gorgeous girls?

3. ...and the Jenners

Check out this gloriously '90s family portrait of the extended Jenner clan, with Caitlyn's boys also making a cameo. I like to imagine there's a room somewhere in one of Kris's houses used purely for the storage of old denim.

4. The Rimes-Cibrians

LeAnn Rimes's relationship with Eddie Cibrian has been subject to some pretty intense media scrutiny, with some unfairly calling the country singer a home-wrecker for her alleged role in Cibrian's breakup with Real Housewife Brandi Glanville.

The good news? They seem totally unbothered, coming together for this gorgeous festive snap with LeAnne's stepsons, Mason and Jake. Notice the subtle way Eddie and LeAnne have matched their festively burgundy outfits without coming off at all tacky. That's style.

5. The Carey-Cannons

Considering Mariah Carey is quite possibly the campest woman alive, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that she loves Christmas, making festive family snaps pretty easy to come by. Like this one of Mimi getting friendly with Santa...

And this one of little Monroe being totally adorable with Nick...

Mariah's marriage to Nick may not have lasted, but their kids are guaranteed to grow up making amazing memories every Christmas. What better gift is there than that?

6. The Obamas

When you're the President, it's probably not very often that you get to enjoy a holiday with the family, so each year Barack Obama makes the most of the festivities. Here he is looking as swag as ever with wife Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, Michelle's mother and a bunch of non-Obamas.

Did any of these celebrity family snaps warm your heart?


Which celeb family portrait is most adorable?


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