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Joshua Shintani, an actor with a small yet touching role in Shallow Hal, has died in his native Hawaii at the tragically young age of 32.

Shintani's mother spoke out to TMZ and explained that she took her son to an emergency room early last week where doctors discovered he was battling an advanced case of pneumonia. Despite the efforts of medical staff to save him, Joshua passed away on Wednesday.

The Hawaiian ukulele player, who was seen singing a version of the song "Never Forget Where I’m From," while Jason Alexander and Jack Black’s characters arrived, only appeared in one movie, but his sweet voice left an impression on many, including co-director Peter Farrel.

Shintani was spotted by Farrel strumming his ukulele outside a local library while the director was on vacation and immediately cast him in the Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow movie. Shortly after being spotted in the scenario that dreams are made of for any street musician, he was flown to L.A. to perform his scene.

Despite the fact that he only appeared in one movie, Shintani enjoyed his status as a local legend from his role, and was known to his friends by the nickname 'Li’iboy.'

(Source: TMZ)


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