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Angelina Jolie Pitt, will you ever cease to amaze us?

The mother of 6 (3 of whom are adopted) is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, a cancer awareness advocate and survivor, and has dedicated a lot of her time to charities and other good causes, making her a source of admiration and adoration the world over.

Among her many humanitarian endeavors, she also manages to dodge bullets like badass... a missile launcher...

...and generally be cooler than all of us.

It would seem that her list of attributes doesn't end there because this modern day woman of many talents can also fly planes... Oh, Ange!

The Hollywood superstar has been flying since 2004 and currently flies the single-engine Cirrus SR22 like a boss.

Hollywood Hobby

It seems that getting your pilot's license in between shooting movies and being famous is the hip thing to do among the rich and famous these days.

You can't swing a Boeing in Hollywood without hitting a celeb that flies a plane; check out some of the stars that join Jolie in the sky.

John Travolta

The Grease superstar was so in love with being in the sky that he started a career as a pilot for Qantas in 2002!

He keeps his personal Qantas Boeing 707 in the yard of his Florida home.

Morgan Freeman

Apparently Freeman wanted to be a pilot ever since he was a kid.

“I started flying at my desk in school; my English teacher would see me ‘flying’ an F-86 Sabrejet at my desk and ask, ‘Morgan, what are you doing?'”

When the time came, he decided to put his time into acting and so his dreams of gliding into the horizon were put on hold. Thankfully for the sky, he finally achieved his private pilot license at the ripe old age of 65 and now owns 3 jets.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was inspired to become a pilot after his experience filming Top Gun. In 'Mighty Wings' Maverick fashion, Cruise acquired his license in 1994 and is now the proud owner of 5 private jets.

Harrison Ford

It may not be the Millennium Falcon but the Star Wars actor bit the bullet at age 53 and acquired his license to fly the Cessna 182.

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