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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead' (and slight comic book spoilers as well!).

While the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 6 is preparing us for what will be a crazy mid-season premiere when the show returns in February, for one character, episode 8 was the end of the line. It was the strong leader of Alexandria, Deanna, who bit the dust after a walker bit her. But on her way out she had enough time to make sure her legacy will continue by sharing some words with Michonne, and giving Rick two notes for Maggie and her son Spencer.

Deanna passes Rick her notes.
Deanna passes Rick her notes.

But what exactly was in those notes Deanna wrote to Spencer and Maggie? Well, fortunately for us curious Walking Dead viewers, Tovah Feldshuh, who played Deanna Monroe, spoke to Entertainment Weekly and spilled her guts (sorry, too soon?) Firstly, Feldshuh revealed what Deanna said to Spencer:

"I certainly wrote to Spencer to carry forth and be courageous and to be wise, my boy. To be wise by being an observer learner. Stay near Rick and see what is wanted and needed in this space. To study Rick. To study Michonne. Those would be the two. Morgan, he doesn’t need. Morgan will not kill any human. He wants to save them, but as a result he jeopardizes the group terribly in wanting to save the wrong apples. But Michonne and Rick for sure. And Glenn. That’s another heroic character. And Carl, who doesn’t kill Pete’s son! He may end up paying a heavy price for that but this boy goes after him to kill him and he covers for him. So I tell my son to be wise, to listen and learn, and to always remember the four principles: always try your best, keep your word impeccably, presume nothing, and nothing is personal."

Obviously, Deanna and her son had had some tough moments in recent episodes, particularly in episode 5, 'Now,' when Spencer blew off some steam yelling at his mother and blaming her for the deaths of his father, Reg, and brother, Aiden. However, hopefully after the herd passes through Alexandria and the dust settles he hears her words and gets passed his anger -- provided he makes it out alive, that is.

Next up, Tovah talked about what Deanna would have written to Maggie:

"I wrote to Maggie is that this is her chance to step up to the plate, to become me as much as she can in terms of her belief of due process of law. She has all the skills, she has the gun skills, she has the legs, she’s going to have a child. There is going to be someone beside Judith that is new fresh life in the community. She’s the one who has the balanced path and the balanced abilities to become the leader of state, and not to forget that. So between her and Michonne I have a Plan A and a Plan B. In a way, because Maggie is pregnant, Michonne may be my best shot. Remember, I give Michonne my plans. She ends up with my plans. And though the physical entity of Alexandria may or may not go up in smoke, the principles that I brought to bear in Alexandria I believe will go forth."

Maggie took on an almost apprentice-like role under Deanna for the short time they had together at Alexandria. In the comic series Maggie eventually ends up taking a leadership role, so it will be interesting to see if this is developed more in the TV show, though from what I can gather from Deanna specifically leaving her a note, it surely seems like more leadership roles are in store for Maggie. What do you think?

'The Walking Dead' will return with the mid-season premiere on February 14th, on AMC

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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