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Usually I'm not into my favorite shows from the golden age (a.k.a the '90s) being ripped to shreds, 'cause nostalgic feels tend to hold a firm place in my heart. However, one can make an exception when the commentary is as hilariously on point as this Hey Arnold! credit roast.

Take a little time to remind yourself of the Nickelodeon show's awesome intro, before having it analyzed below.

Twitter user Berleezy tuned to Twitter to share his 2 cents on parts of the Hey Arnold! credits which basically make zero sense. For example, why does Ronda come into the credits all aggressive, looking like a "damn Ketchup packet"? And where exactly did Brainy get that flash light from? It's all very bizarre.

Here are some other points this Hey Arnold! credit critique brought up which legitimately provides some food for thought...

1. "Is that a demon?"

When Arnold opens his front door at the beginning of the credits, loads of creatures run free. To be honest this is weird enough, but then you notice how fucking creepy they are.

2. "Of course they've got black guys playing basketball at 3 o'clock in the morning"

Cheeky stereotype thrown in there.

3. "WTF"

Seriously though, bold T-shirt game.

4. "Where the fuck was the bus stop?!"

How exactly did Helga teleport from the top of a building to inside a bus within milliseconds?

These things make no sense!

Watch the hilarious break-down in its entirety below:

Source: Vulture


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