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The latest teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is setting the tone for the DC Universe's epic nicely. By setting the tone, I mean blowing anticipation for this movie out of the stratosphere. It looks like Superman means business, and if the 49-second clip is anything to go by, he definitely has the upper hand.

You can see the clip below, which was broadcast during Gotham’s fall finale. Batman is unmasked by the Man of Steel, revealing his true identity (Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Ben Affleck). A glorious new trailer is due to be released on Wednesday, yikes!

Amidst all the hazy fog of superhero excitement, there was one, subtle addition to the teaser that may have gone unnoticed. Now I finally have my breath back, let's take a look back. Did you notice?

Credit Where It's Deserved

It's the result of a battle even the Dark Knight himself would have been proud of; finally, an astonishing 76 years after Batman's original inception, Bill Finger has received the credit he richly deserves on the credit roll!

An Unsung Hero

An original illustration of 1939 Batman
An original illustration of 1939 Batman

In 1989, creator Bob Kane himself admitted Bill had a huge influence on the conception of the caped crusader. He said:

"Now that my long-time friend and collaborator is gone, I must admit that Bill never received the fame and recognition he deserved. He was an unsung hero ... I often tell my wife, if I could go back fifteen years, before he died, I would like to say. 'I'll put your name on it now. You deserve it.’"

The comic book writer, who died in 1974 aged 59, scripted the first ever Batman appearance in Detective Comics in May 1939. He also helped co-create the Green Latern with Martin Nodell, and went on to write many of the characters' 1940's scripts.

Creating the Persona

It's a shame he is only now getting proper credit, some 41 years after his death. Artist Jerry Robinson, who worked with Kane, believed Finger's input was hugely undervalued:

“[Bill] had more to do with the molding of Batman than Bob. He just did so many things at the beginning, ... creating almost all the other characters, ... the whole persona, the whole temper.”

Finally, in September this year, Finger's estate struck a deal with DC. In addition to Batman v Superman, he has also received credit in the October comic books Batman and Robin Eternal #3 and Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #3. He's also credited in Season 2 of Gotham. The Season 1 trailer, for those who haven't seen it, is above.

I don't want to point the finger, but someone must've been at fault for Bill's discredit.

Anyway, I suppose, as they say, it's better late than never. Right?

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