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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series!

While the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead might not have been as gory as in seasons past, there was still the devastating death of the leader of Alexandria, Deanna Monroe. Deanna may have had some "pie in the sky" ideas regarding trying to maintain a normal existence despite living in a very changed world, but in the last few episodes she really started to understand that things needed to change to ensure the survival of her people.

While the leader of Alexandria in the TV series is Deanna, her comic book counterpart was actually a man named Douglas. While many the details of the Deanna character stayed the same as her comic counterpart (for example Deanna's husband was named Reg, while Douglas's wife was named Regina), except the gender, one major difference was the way in which Deanna died. Take a look at how Deanna died in the TV series and compare that to how her comic book counterpart, Douglas, died in the comic series:

Deanna's death

In the TV series, Deanna is injured during the initial panic as walkers pour into Alexandria. Despite the fact that at first it looked like she'd simply been cut by a saw, it was soon revealed that she had also been bitten by one of the invading walkers.

After spending some time with Rick and Michonne (as well as baby Judith!), the others soon realize that they can't take her with them when they try to make their escape through the herd, covered in walker guts. Instead they leave Deanna upstairs armed with a gun to take her own life when the time comes. Of course, at the last minute Deanna decides to opt for the ultimate heroic ending, and choose to unload her gun on the walkers outside the door, and let them devour her. Ballsy, painful and a hell of a way to go, not to mention quite different from Douglas Monroe's end:

Douglas's death

Douglas Monroe sees the herd in Alexandria
Douglas Monroe sees the herd in Alexandria

In the comic series, Douglas Monroe hands over control of Alexandria to Rick following a situation very similar to the Wolves invasion. While in the TV series Deanna realizes that the town needs Rick, but that she can still help by making plans to improve the future of Alexandria, instead Douglas Monroe becomes depressed.

Douglas contemplates suicide
Douglas contemplates suicide

Once the herd invades Alexandria, Douglas decides to commit suicide, and steps out of his house with a gun at the same time Rick's group leaves the house, covered in walker guts, to try and evade the herd. Unfortunately, Rick's plan goes awry when Jessie's son draws the walkers' attention, and thinking that he can help, Douglas steps in, shooting wildly at the herd, yelling to the group to take shelter in his house. Despite his best efforts, instead of helping, Douglas just draws further attention and is bitten several times, all the while still firing. Finally, as he's being eaten alive, Douglas stops firing only for the group to discover that while he was shooting he accidentally shot Carl Grimes straight in the eye.

Douglas is taken down by walkers
Douglas is taken down by walkers

Douglas's death is much more detrimental to the group than Deanna's, however now that Deanna exists only as a name on the "In Our Memory" wall in Alexandria, the question has to be asked: Will Carl still be shot in the TV series? And by whom? Regular readers of my weekly 5 things You Might Have Missed article will know that it seems like the show is setting up for Ron to take Douglas's place as the shooter, however, unfortunately we'll have to wait until February to find out for sure.

'The Walking Dead' returns to AMC on February 14th.

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