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We've got less than a month until [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)! How excited are you? And as we draw closer to that all important release date, the Internet is exploding with rumors, plot reveals, and fan theories. While some of these theories are plausible, the others range between the hilarious and the eye-roll worthy. So let's count down the most ridiculous theories that probably WON'T be true when Star Wars 7 is released!

Kylo Ren Is Luke Skywalker

In The Force Awakens, Adam Driver plays Kylo Ren. This has been stated and re-stated since the casting announcement, and especially became clear in this interview with J.J. Abrams where he gushes about how Driver brought the role of Kylo Ren to life.

But fans are still clinging to the idea that Luke Skywalker will play the villain in Star Wars Episode 7, and apparently that means he was Kylo Ren all along! Except he isn't, and that's pretty obvious.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren for Vanity Fair
Adam Driver as Kylo Ren for Vanity Fair

Although the trailers have only shown Kylo Ren in that awesome mask, new stills from the film reveal that he will be unmasked in one crucial scene. There's also this leaked picture of Luke Skywalker, clearly channeling Obi Wan Kenobi in his fashion choices...


So much for that theory. You can check out a more thorough debunking here, but suffice to say that when we look at the cold hard facts, Luke Skywalker as Kylo Ren just isn't plausible.

Luke Turned R2D2 Evil!

This follows on from the Luke-is-the-villain idea. If you thought there was no evidence to suggest the last theory, you'll be amazed by how there is basically nothing to suggest this at all. Remember that one shot of Luke we got in the second Star Wars 7 trailer?

So here's the idea: Luke is evil - Luke touches R2D2 - R2D2 is evil! And the proof? His light blinks red!

dun dun DUN
dun dun DUN

Aside from the fact that this proof is tenuous at best, turning R2D2 evil would undermine his story, along with the fact that his devotion to Padme and Leia is one of the most poignant parts of the plot.

Jar Jar Binks Is Back...

... and he was evil all along! (I'm sensing a definite theme in these fan theories.) Though to be honest, this theory breakdown is impressively well thought out, and it's a pretty fun read. Basically, Jar Jar Binks was pulling the strings all along, manipulating the situation in the prequels to tip into civil war. And considering we've got another big bad behind the scenes for The Force Awakens, some fans are wondering if Andy Serkis's character might actually be Jar Jar Binks!

Pulling Kylo Ren's strings...
Pulling Kylo Ren's strings...

Fear not, Jar Jar haters - JJ Abrams has made a point to distance himself from the prequels so it's highly unlikely the secret villain was Binks all along. Also, Andy Serkis is playing Supreme Leader Snoke.

Finn... Calrissian?

Earlier in November, the Internet was abuzz with the idea that Finn was actually Landa Calrissian's son. This theory has been around for a while, but this Amazon posting added fuel to the fire.

Very legit
Very legit

Disney do like to drop plot hints via merchandise, which is why fans considered this a valid spoiler. But as the listing was made by an independent seller, it's not very likely that they were given plot details by Lucasfilm just to boost their personal sales. Rumor, consider yourself debunked!

Kylo Is Trying To Clone Darth Vader

The website io9 was the first to ponder this plot possibility, and it's certainly interesting. With Kylo Ren clearly obsessed with the Sith lord (he actually talks to Vader's charred helmet), the idea that Kylo would try to resurrect Anakin Skywalker isn't that far fetched. On the heels of this theory going viral, MakingStarWars reported a rumor that Hayden Christensen is currently being trained for a role in Star Wars Episode 8. Which uh, doesn't fill us with glee.

There really isn't any evidence to suggest Kylo Ren would be trying to clone Darth Vader, but this might be the most plausible theory of the bunch. You'll just have to make your own mind up about this one.

Are there any ridiculous fan theories that we left out? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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