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Ben Turner

For those of you who are conspiracy theorists about Grandfathered star John Stamos's good looks, please face up to the fact that the 52-year-old has always been an eternal beauty.

Check out the trailer for Grandfathered:

On Friday of last week, the following graduation photo of the star and his date was posted on his insta account:

Stamos and Full House co-star Lori Laughlin have been having fun recently when they posed outside the instrumentally important and iconic home in which Full House takes place. The pair posted a 'Dubsmash' video, proving a hit that resonated with social media:

Here's Stamos throughout the years to satisfy your daily dose of eye candy:

There's not much point dumping the old 'ageing like fine wine' cliché here. Stamos's locks and looks seem to be constants in our ever changing universe.


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