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Steven Universe has gained a huge fan following since it started airing, thanks to its fantastic plot, beautiful animation, and amazing soundtrack. Steven Universe is lovingly crafted to teach children the best way to be a hero, believe in yourself, and care for others. Plus it features plenty of monster slaying action sequences. It's delightful.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is the way the story is told. The Crystal Gems have an immense backstory, and their purpose for being on Earth has a huge impact on the plot. And yet, we don't even learn that they're aliens until later on in the show, with story relevant details being revealed slowly through subtle hints and foreshadowing. Naturally, this means fans are always spotting little Easter eggs that will have a greater meaning later on, and there are tons of little mysteries that the show still hasn't solved. So here's the main questions we want answered after the hiatus is finally over!

Who Created The Gems?

It's easy to just assume that the Gems are an alien race that evolved without outside influence, but after we learned more about how the Kindergarten was used to create more Gems at the expense of the planets they use, the issue becomes much more complicated.

Creepy Kindergarten
Creepy Kindergarten

This method of procreation raises a lot of questions, and creates a puzzling chicken-or-egg scenario. Did the first Gems just emerge from the ground through a slow fusing of minerals on Homeworld? Or did some other species create the Gems? Although some fan theories have aimed to solve this issue, it is still something we'd like to see answered after the season 2 hiatus!

How Have The Gems Influenced History?

The Crystal Gems arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. They clearly had a huge impact on humanity's history: after all, if it weren't for Rose Quartz rebelling against Homeworld, and the ensuing Gem War, Earth would have been destroyed long ago in Homeworld's quest to create more gems.

But then the Crystal Gems had 5000 years to chill out until Greg Universe came along, and Rose gave her life to give birth to Steven. How did the Crystal Gems continue to influence Earth's history in that time? We've already had one hint...

The Crystal Gems in history
The Crystal Gems in history

This picture appeared in the 13th episode of Season 1: Too Many Birthdays. This was the first time it was confirmed that the gems are immortal. It would be great to see a flashback to the years between the Gem War and Steven's birth, revealing how the Crystal Gems have been superheroes for many centuries! Are they secret heroes, the subject of myths?

Do Normal Humans Know About Gems?

It seems to be that the citizens of Beach City turn a mostly blind eye to the weirdness going on around them... unless they're Ronaldo of course.

Ronaldo has some very interesting (read: whacked out) conspiracy theories, and while some of them are more... misinformed than others, when it comes to things like the Diamond Authority, he might have stumbled on a bigger plot than he thought...

"Polymorphic sentient rocks! They're here to hollow out the Earth! It's a part of the Great Diamond Authority..."

Well he's uh... he's not wrong! There are actually plenty of clues to suggest Homeworld is ruled by a triad of Diamonds, and we already know Yellow Diamond is the one in command of Jasper and the other antagonists. Of course, the answers to how Homeworld's hierarchy works will be revealed later in the story, but what we want to know is how many other humans are aware of the gems? Maybe some clever humans have been tracking their path through history?

Who, Or What, Is Lion?

Discovered by Steven, the Crystal Gems had no idea who or what Lion was, but it was later revealed that Lion had a strong connection to Rose.

Lion lead Steven and Connie to Rose's secret cave, and also exists as a sort of "living bag", hiding many of Rose's possessions in his pocket dimension. It is certainly very odd that Rose would have such a trusted companion that the Crystal Gems didn't know about. This, and the nature of Lion himself, has baffled fans, as Lion is neither human nor Gem nor Earthly animal. Could he be another type of creature that exists on Homeworld?

Of course, these are just some of the mysteries of Steven Universe. There's also the question of Steven's age, and where exactly Homeworld is located. But these little puzzles are what we would like answers to most of all! Are there any mysteries you'd like to see solved? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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