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The Jurassic Park franchise is known for many things: innovative special effects, blending the scifi and disaster movie genres, and unbelievably quotable lines. But one of its most enjoyable aspects has always been the death scenes which range from the hilarious to the fabulously gruesome. Jurassic World followed on in this great and gory tradition, featuring tons of death scenes to rival its franchise predecessors. The movie set the bar particularly high for Jurassic World 2 with one death scene in particular...

Most Gruesome Death Yet?

Colin Trevorrow broke ground in Jurassic World, by featuring the first scene in which a female character is killed by a dinosaur.

Katie McGrath as Zara in Jurassic World
Katie McGrath as Zara in Jurassic World

The filmmakers delighted at the opportunity, ensuring that Zara's death would be one of the franchise's most memorable yet.

"It was the first time a woman was going to die in a Jurassic Park movie. We’re an equal opportunities bunch of murderers! So we felt, ‘Alright, let’s make it the most spectacular death we can possibly imagine - let’s involve multiple animals from sea and air…’ I love this moment so much. We’re playing on the audience’s expectation and jadedness."

Trevorrow certainly has a point - the death is pretty spectacular. Check it out!

This scene is one of the most notorious in the franchise's history, not just because of the horrifying nature of Zara's death, but the reasoning behind it. Trevorrow later revealed that he wanted Zara to really deserve her death, saying that her personality was justification for how nasty her death scene was.

"We definitely struggled over how much to allow her to earn her death, and ultimately it wasn’t because she was British, it was because she was a bridezilla. She has one line about the bachelor party: ‘Oh, all his friends are animals'."

This statement naturally earned the director a lot of criticism, as he freely admitted that Zara's death was so gruesome not only because she was the first woman to die onscreen, but also because she was a "bridezilla"... yet, as Trevorrow points out, Zara only said one thing about her own wedding.

This seems like a pretty tenuous justification, which is odd as usually the Jurassic franchise's most horrible deaths are reserved for thieves and murderers. Maybe this is the starting point for Jurassic World 2 to shake things up a bit, and have someone killed onscreen who really didn't deserve to be eaten by dinosaurs? This would definitely up the stakes, and show the tragic and unfair nature of disasters.

So what are the other fantastically gruesome deaths that Jurassic World 2 needs to beat?

Ludlow Gets His Just Deserts

Peter Ludlow is arguably the biggest antagonist of Jurassic Park: The Lost World... apart from the dinosaurs of course. And Steven Spielberg made sure Ludlow got what he deserved in this scene where the T Rex teaches her offspring how to kill.

Toilet Death

Ok, this one isn't so much gruesome as it is hilarious, but it's a pretty scary idea to be eaten alive when you're just minding your own business on the toilet...

Foiled Again!

Honestly, Nedry's death in the first Jurassic Park film rivals even Zara's. After endangering everyone by shutting down the park's defence systems, and stealing the dinosaur genome, Nedry is caught in a tropical storm and runs afoul of a dilphosaurus, a dinosaur with some very interesting talents.

Of course, these are just our top picks for the most gruesome Jurassic deaths, but with 4 films we're spoiled for choice! Here's hoping Jurassic World 2 can add some more fabulously horrible death scenes to the collection.

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