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Following the cliff-hanger that was last weeks episode, Keeping Up with the Kardashians began right in the midst of where we left off last Sunday -- amongst the depths of Kourtney and Scott Disick's difficult break-up. More specifically, with Scott moping around and glumly trying to decide on whether to go and tuck his beloved children into bed or randomly get a flight to Miami for no apparent reason whatsoever (yeah, I have no idea either.)

Yet as always, that wasn't the only drama to haunt all the K's throughout the episode. Here's a recap of the top moments that we took away from the most recent Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

1. Khloe informed us she was "psychic-ish"

Apparently she has been feeling the presence of her late dad, Robert Kardashian, recently and spent the episode getting in touch with her inner spirituality -- with the essential help of a ghost detector and clairvoyant of course.

Hilarity ensued when psychic Tyler Henry entered the void, telling Kim that she's the only sister who has absolutely no talent in procuring messages from beyond the mortal realm. Ouch.

2. Kris wasn't feeling the love from her kids

Not only did Kylie refuse to invite her over for dinner because she totes forgot she was graduating from school, but Kourtney and Khloe were flat out ignoring her whilst getting selfie snap happy. Big oops!

3. Kim cracked a goofy smile as she went for a medical check-up

We know that she's at very high risk of getting preeclampsia again, a condition in pregnancy from high blood pressure that sometimes causes fluid retention. Yet this time, the doc gave her the thumbs up and said it was all good!

4. Kim went to Paris to gorge herself on all the foods

A girl's gotta have her churros okay!?

And while she was at it, Kim also choose to get some clothes for her expanding belly. In fact, the exact words she used were:

"I am going to go Paris to have a fitting to get some good pregnancy clothes … I can't fly every designer to L.A."

First world problems right there, Kim!

5. Meanwhile, Khloe lets Mason in on a secret

"Girls don't do farting, girls do 'unicorns.'"

How interesting, I never knew that.

6. Baby mama drama strikes again!

Kim re-visits another doctor and gets a diabetes scare.

Thankfully, after we find out that the pregnancy is, once again, going well, we are happy to hear that she has come to the conclusion that it's probably a good idea to ditch the notion that beignets are "like, everything to me."

7. Kris throws Kylie and Kendall a graduation party

Oh, and Khloe too (because she never had one and might as well join in!)

All the guests (minus Caitlyn) get together to groove on down to some banging tunes, eat some sushi, watch synchronized swimming and perhaps even have a joyful bounce on an unnecessary larger-than-life bouncy castle -- all whilst the three sisters parade around in Cartier laden caps and gowns, taking snaps in the classic Kardashian photo-booth.

Yep, I bet you wished your mom threw you a party with Gigi Hadid and Ryan Seacrest when you graduated!

Tune in next Sunday at 9:00pm to find out what the sisters are up to next.


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