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News of a gory teen slasher movie is always music to my ears. And Blackburn, directed by Lauro Chartrand, and written by Nastasha Baron seems like it's going to tick all my boxes.

Check out the twisted trailer below.

Set in an Alaskan ghost town with a 'horrifying history', a group of college friends become stranded by a rock-slide. Seeking refuge inside the ruins of Blackburn Mine they must fight to survive as the murderous inhabitants slaughter the friends one-by-one.

Jason or Michael?
Jason or Michael?

As well as having a typically great horror plot, fans can get excited by the knowledge that two of the deranged killers in the movie are played by Ken Kirzinger, who played Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason (2003), and Brad Loree who played Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection! Those guys just can't stop killing it!

Along with the trailer, Archstone Distribution who recently acquired the rights to the action-packed horror just released a series of stills from the movie, and I have to say, they look like the makings of a kick-ass scare fest.

Check it out...

A creepy run down garage to seek advice and refuge after a road accident

Two deranged looking twins that give some kind of vague warning

Deformed and merciless serial killers that hunt you at night

Attractive girls that run away frightened and look attractive as they do so

Obligatory girl in tight white shirt gets captured

Then escapes and becomes a badass

And some Hostel style torture gore to finish.

With such dramatic stills and insightful commentary, you may not even need to see the movie!

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