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Although Supergirl is on CBS and The Flash is firmly under the CW banner, it's worth pointing out that both shows are spearheaded by the same mind, mega-producer Greg Berlanti.

Those who follow my recaps will know that I'm a massive fan of Supergirl and The Flash, and like many fans I've been wondering if these common connections of Berlanti and the CW will lead to a crossover in the future. It might seem unlikely, but the fact remains that inter-network crossovers aren't unheard of, and the CW have proven they're in favour of a grand DC universe on television. Also, let's face it, a Supergirl-Flash crossover would be awesome!

So... Are we getting a crossover between Supergirl and The Flash?

Reports have recently been in circulation that Supergirl would be dropping into central city for a crossover with The Flash, presumably in an attempt to raise ratings for Supergirl and assuring that the less-popular (yet still very popular) of the two DC programmes could gain a boost in time for a season 2 renewal.

Unfortunately (kind of) it seems Supergirl is strong enough to fly on her own and the show -- whilst still in it's infancy -- is scheduled for an additional seven episodes, without the aide of the hugely popular Flash.

'' reports that when questioned on the matter after a screening of the upcoming Arrow-Flash crossover episode, Berlanti responded by confirming that a crossover will not be happening any time soon.

"Only because we just received the pickup," Berlanti told reporters when asked whether preliminary discussions for such a crossover had happened. "But not at this point."

It's a shame, but I suppose it makes sense. Although The Flash was given a season one boost by it's parent show, Arrow, both programmes fly under the CW banner and the former was originally a spinoff of the latter.

I suppose an inter-network crossover requires a little more effort, and Berlanti wants to give Supergirl it's time in the spotlight before moving too quickly into a combined universe.

The Future of Supergirl.

When pressed for answers by 'Variety' Berlanti stayed rather quiet about the future of Supergirl, reluctant to give too much away. Instead the producer preferred to focus on the action behind the scenes.

"I think CBS’ whole plan for it (worked), from top to bottom — to reach out to people who like comics, people who don’t like comics, men, women. Their entire launch — where they placed it on the schedule, behind an episode of “Big Bang” — all of it was masterful.
They were always, from the beginning, very precise at how they wanted to introduce her to the world. They did exactly what they told us in the very first marketing meeting."

Berlanti went on to explain that the success of Supergirl was partially due to the fact that the audiences were in need of a female superhero.

"The initial success of both shows should get more people who work in the business realizing that there should be more female-led action movies. With both “Supergirl” and “Blindspot,” both men and women equally were interested in seeing a female-led action piece."

However, Berlanti did shine some light on the future of Supergirl.

"Our recipe is to keep making episodes and telling stories that we would be interested in seeing. The job is a lot of hours and really challenging and we have to tell stories we’re passionate about. We all check our guts."

Finally, Berlanti dropped one final hint about the future of the programme.

"You’ll learn more about the Big Bad, which I think is really cool.
You’ll learn more about her sister, Hank, and her connection to James."

So be prepared to learn more about the primary antagonist of the show, who could be Maxwell Lord, Hank Henshaw, or a previously unknown character.

Personally, I'm very excited to see what the show makes of Hank Henshaw, who I've previously discussed at length. I'm not sure if Henshaw's character will fulfil his comic book identity of Cyborg Superman, but when his powers and secret identity are revealed it will undoubtedly shake-up the show!

It's a shame we won't be seeing a Supergirl-Flash crossover anytime soon, but it's good to see that the audiences are enjoying the show. Even better, it's great to see that CBS have faith in Supergirl!

(Source:, Variety.)


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