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Deadline has reported that stars of the hit show Bones, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, are suing broadcaster Fox, along with executive producer Kathleen (Kathy) Reichs for "tens of millions" that the three claim they are owed.

In an 8-claim complaint filed at the L.A. Superior Court, the plaintiffs write that, "Bones’ longevity has made it a cash cow for Fox,” and seek to gain their share of the series profits which had been agreed upon in their deals. As stated in their contracts, Deschanel and Boreanaz should have been entitled to a 3% share of the series profits, while Reichs (whose novels are the basis for the show), was supposed to receive 5%. At present, Bones is in the middle of its 11th Season, having aired over 220 episodes to date.

Emily Deschanel with Kathy Reichs
Emily Deschanel with Kathy Reichs

This latest lawsuit comes just days after another Bones executive producer, Barry Josephson, sued Fox over "profit participation and sketchy accounting practices." The trio is fighting for their right "to get a look at true accounting of Bones after not getting anything in profits for several seasons," upon suspicions that they are collectively owed "tens of millions of dollars."

'Bones' will resume screening from December 10th at 8pm ET on Fox

Source: Deadline


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