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Doctor Strange is finally getting his time in the spotlight next year with a Benedict Cumberbatch-led feature. It's been a long time coming for fans of the Sorcerer Supreme, but now it seems that this wait has been delayed even longer than we thought.

Years ago, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a global sensation and a cornerstone of contemporary movies, there were rumors that Guillermo del Toro and Neil Gaiman wanted to team up to bring Doctor Strange to the big screen.

For a while, it seemed like this was nothing more than chatter or maybe just two friends discussing an ideal project, but now there's new evidence for this being more than just a blip.

Neil Gaiman himself tweeted credence for the Doctor Strange collaboration

Based on Gaiman's phrasing, Marvel was at least aware of this concept and wasn't interested in moving forward with it. Consider Marvel's 1602 came out in 2003, this would have been well before Iron Man kicked off the MCU and the newfound love of superheroes in the mainstream. Imagine if Vincent Strange had been the one to do that?

So, as much as I love both these talented guys, I suppose those no point in wallowing in what could have been. After all, there's always Miracleman...

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