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Shia LaBeouf's recent marathon proved to be an unexpected turning point in how people viewed the actor. Before, he was crazy bag-head guy on the brink of a breakdown, but after we collectively seemed to realize that mockery was kind of passé. Been there, done that.

One thing nobody has really paid much attention to, though, is the fact that Shia has quietly been doing a ton of a charity work over the years, and not for the publicity.

1. LA Marathon (2010)

On March 21, 2010, Shia completed the 26.2 mile Los Angeles marathon in a seriously impressive 4 hours, 35 minutes. Shia's father Jeffrey was a Vietnam vet, which probably influenced Shia's decision to donate all of his sponsorship money to the charity US VETS, which gives financial support to war veterans.

Dwight Radcliffe, CEO of the charity, said of Shia's generosity:

We are delighted and grateful to have Mr. LaBeouf participate in the marathon on our behalf.

The run was probably much less exhausting than Shia's own movie marathon.

Spot the Shia.
Spot the Shia.

2. Riders For Health Auction (2009)

Riders For Health is an international non-profit that brings healthcare, supplies and aid to rural African villages by using motorcycles, specifically aiming to help reduce the spread of AIDS.

In August 2009, an auction was held in LA to raise funds for the charity, and Shia, being a huge motorcycle enthusiast, naturally went along to support the good cause. He splashed $3k on a racing jacket and $2.5k on a helmet, among others items, in total spending a whopping $10,000, all of which went to Riders For Health. What a guy.

You can find out more about Riders on their website.

3. THOSE pink tights (2014)

In October 2014, Shia turned up for a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! wearing a pair of very fetching pink fluorescent tights given to him by Ellen DeGeneres. Written across the rear of the tights is "Ellen for the cure", which references Ellen's promise that if Shia were to wear the tights in public, cosmetics company Ulta Beauty would donate $10,000 toward a breast cancer research charity.

He did, and they did.

Not that anybody needs an excuse to go out in public dressed like that.

4. The one he turned down...

Okay, so we've established that Shia does more than his fair share for charitable causes, but apparently the one thing that's off limits is his hair.

Pest control company Terminix offered to donate $10,000 to a charity of Shia's choice back in March - if he would chop off his infamous rat-tail.

Here's what the company had to say at the time:

Just like we refuse to let rats plague homes, we refuse to let this emerging trend of rat tails plague our society. It must be stopped! Shia LaBeouf appears to be the leader of this movement, and we are making him the following offer: Remove your rat tail, and the charity of your choice gets $10,000.

A pretty savvy PR move on their behalf. When asked by GQ about the rat-tail back in August, the following words were said...

Jezebel featured a fantastic investigative piece posing the question: "So, Would You Have Sex With a Rat-Tailed Shia LaBeouf?" So - would you?

Would I fuck myself? Yes. Of course I would.

Good to know! To be fair to Shia, the rat-tail is/was something of a modern day work of art, so you can see why he'd be torn about taking the scissors to it. Perhaps he made a private donation anyway.

Whatever you think of Shia, it's difficult to deny that the man's frequent and unprompted acts of generosity make him one of Hollywood's more charitable celebs, and for that alone he deserves some serious respect.


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