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Marvel recently announced that the Captain America Civil War trailer had broken 61 million views in its first 24 hours, a record for the MCU. I thought it might be interesting to look at the interest in different CBMs (people who are searching for a movie online) over the last year. All figures are taken from Google Trends can be found here. So, lets take a look at google search numbers for DC and Marvel's 'biggest' properties to come out in 2016...

Batman V Superman/ Captain America: Civil War

Comparison of the interest in BvS and Civil War
Comparison of the interest in BvS and Civil War

As you can see, interest in Batman V Superman dwarfs the interest in Civil War over time. It's worth noting that this is 'search interest', meaning that this is how many people are tying the key words into Google's search engine. The biggest spikes are both around the same time as Comic Con. So, Batman V Superman seem to have the upper-hand, but this dominance is far less impressive when Suicide Squad is added.

Suicide Squad

Using the Suicide Squad movie gave no results, so I used the comic book organization instead. Look at that spike! It blows both Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War away following the release of their first trailer.

...But what about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

That's right! None of them are a patch on Star Wars. The key word has been consistently searched more than any of the others (apart from when Suicide Squad's first trailer was dropped).

Note: Analaytics shows the number of searches for the keyword Star Wars, and could also refer to the franchise in general

Which leads us to the ultimate question... Which of these four movies are you most looking forward to? Which one have you been following closely? Let me know in the comments below!


What are you most excited for? Personally for me, its Suicide Squad.


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