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Okay..*deep breath* Here I go. I probably should have posted this first..but...I am stupid...First of all, I am the middle child out of six. I have long, blonde hair and blue eyes. My favorite colors are purple, red, white, and blue. I am obsessed with Capsicle (Steve Rogers, aka, Captain America.) I am a geek about almost everything...Harry potter, Marvel, Star Wars...etc...I hate DC. It is literally the worst. Except for the Flash. He's pretty cool. I'm a big movie fan...In other words, I am a couch potato. Don't judge, people. All of my posts are probably pretty crappy but deal with me, because I'm new to this. I'm 13 1/2 years old and in 8th grade. I suck at math and I love English. I hope to be a novelist someday. If you guys want me to post something, tell me. Yes, I'm trying to act like I'm popular and I have followers...which I don't...yet.


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