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I've decided to start a new thing on my page where I will pick two superheroes and argue on their behalfs and decide who will win. These fights will feature all Marvel characters and sometimes DC characters. This is strictly a fight based on there powers on the big screen.

1. Ironman vs Starlord

Ironman is a genius inventor and has even gone toe-to-toe with the Hulk. Ironman has his army of the Iron Legion and always has a backup plan. Starlord is a genius thief and is armed with music and other gadgets, he is also part alien. So what would happen if Ironman and Starlord met in a small town in the middle of no where?

I would have to say Starlord wins this one, his gadgets and brilliant quick thinking allows him to take down Ironman. Although I do think it'd be a close fight

2. Arrow vs Hawkeye

Arrow spent 7 years (I think) on Lian Yu, and was also trained by the League of Assassins. Oliver is a expert in many types of fighting styles and has trick arrows. Hawkeye was trained by SHIELD and is a expert in hand to hand combat. What if these two met in New Orleans on a random street?

Im gonna give this one to Arrow. He has much more experience with fighting and is probably better with a bow slightly. This one would also be close but I think Arrow would prevail.

3. X-Men Quicksilver vs CW Flash

The Flash has been able to time travel, catch bullets, supersonic punch, create tornado with his hands, and phase through walls. Quicksilver has been able to knock people out with a poke, move bullets, run on walls, and run so fast that other people go flying against a while due to wind force. So what if these two met in front of a warehouse?

I think by far this victory goes to Quicksilver, if you watch the Flash he struggles to even catch bullets, however to Quicksilver bullets seem to almost remain still and he moves them with on finger. Quicksilver also was able to knock someone out with a poke!

Do you agree with my victors?

Recommend who you want for next time and I will definitely do the fight you suggest.

if you like this and want to hear more about the MCU and a little DC from time to time go follow my page!


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