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The latest installments in the Total War franchise have been fairly disappointing for longterm fans of this celebrated strategy series. Total War: Rome 2 had to deal with a significant amount of hate on its release date, what with the game having numerous performance issues and featuring several updates that failed to convince fans of their worth.

Total War: Attila attempted to appease those who disliked Rome 2; a lot of the more negatively received features were either removed or improved, and we're grateful for The Creative Assembly's willingness to adapt to the demands of fans. However, Attila felt uninspired in some ways, and in the wake of two mixed releases, fans are cautiously optimistic about Total War: Warhammer.

Is Total War: Warhammer A Return to Form?

Total War: Warhammer
Total War: Warhammer

[Total War: Warhammer](tag:3627632) has already garnered some negative attention. Due to external pressure, The Creative Assembly had to remove mod support in order to remain faithful to the Warhammer IP. Additionally, we've seen some pretty poor preorder bonuses lock certain features and factions away from the masses who purchase the game after its release date.

But we have faith in The Creative Assembly. They're an exceptional developer, one who finally brought justice to the Alien franchise with [Alien: Isolation](tag:3624182), and the one who gifted us one of the greatest strategy games of all time - Total War: Shogun 2. Therefore, let's examine the successes of this installment, in order to better understand what Total War: Warhammer needs to achieve on its release.

Learn From the Masterful Gameplay of Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2
Total War: Shogun 2
  • With a Metacritic score of 90, Total War: Shogun 2 appealed to critics and players alike. It united all strategy fans behind its masterful gameplay.
  • Enemy AI was extremely challenging and forced the player to experiment with various alternative strategies. The sense of accomplishment that comes with Shogun 2 is tough to match.
  • The source material is beautifully brought to life with painstaking detail. You can feel the love for feudal Japan in every brushstroke and every element of the game's design or UI.
  • The game's performance is superb. It runs beautifully and after all of these years, it's still a stunning strategy game that demands players' attention.
  • With exceptional sound design, beautiful music, and great costume design, Shogun 2 is a pleasure to experience.
Total War: Warhammer
Total War: Warhammer

If Total War: Warhammer can replicate this sense of quality, we'll be in for a real treat on its release date. But what's your favorite installment in the celebrated Total War franchise? Which game do you think Total War: Warhammer needs to learn from to deliver the best experience possible?


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