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When you think about John Travolta playing a villain what is the first thing that comes into your mind? When I think about a villainous Travolta I think about exaggerated cigarette smoking. Travolta loves smoking when playing a villain and the website Movies, Films and Flix picked up on the trend.

Here are five movies where Travolta played a bad guy and smoked a whole lot of cigarettes.

1. Pulp Fiction

Travolta's smoking in Pulp Fiction is practical, cool and pure Tarantino. Everything about Travolta exudes cool and his smoking isn't forced or a character trait. Whether he used the thumb/pointer style or reverted to the quirky pointer/middle finger scissor style it worked.

You can check out the smoking in all its glory in the clip below.

2. Broken Arrow

Travolta is always smoking in Broken Arrow. I’m surprised he didn’t cut his cigarettes in half as he hacked into them with his pointer and middle finger. The smoking says “I am the cool bad guy and it worked for me in Pulp Fiction. However, I’ve turned it up to 11 and now it seems like an addiction.” The smoking became less of a prop and more of a character trait. I would even say it is a dangerous addiction because he smokes everywhere in this film.

He is always smoking.......
He is always smoking.......
When he lectures you, he smokes. What a jerk.
When he lectures you, he smokes. What a jerk.

3. Face/Off

If you watch the clip it looks like he wants to play darts with the cigarette. I’ve dubbed it “brazen smoking” because at the end of the scene he sits down in a chair, cigarette hanging from his lips and says “I am the king.” I like this smoking more than the Broken Arrow smoking because it actually serves a purpose. Travolta is playing the cool dad and cool dads offers their daughters cigarettes. Right?

4. Swordfish

This is where Travolta lost me with his smoking. The best way to describe it is when you take a fist full of popcorn and shovel it into your mouth.

He basically face palms himself with the cigarette.
He basically face palms himself with the cigarette.

Check out the weird smoking in the clip below.

5. The Punisher

What do you do when you’ve smoked cigarettes in every way possible? You smoke a pipe! Nothing says Tampa crime kingpin like packing a pipe, lighting a pipe and creating awkward pauses when you puff on the pipe. Tampa is known for its cigars. Why not smoke a cigar? Too much work? He wasn’t feeling it? They take too long to light? The prop guy forgot and all he had was a pipe?


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