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i've watched many movies, shows, anime, haven't read a lot of comic books (unavailable in my country) but no one is perfect right i'm just s
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First of all let me start by saying i along other people were very excited over the hype of Supergirl coming to TV and with the success of The Flash, Arrow I was convinced the show would surely follow the same recipe of the flash and arrow since greg berlanti was involved with the show but surprisingly enough Supergirl wanted to explore which is fine but to me a bunch of things supergirl tried that didn't not work in my opinion:

The overload of drama

I'm not against a bit of drama in a superhero serie ( i never say no to couple of olicity problems) but that's not what i tuned in to watch , i tuned in to watch Kara kick some aliens ass

The fast pace

supergirl feels a bit rushed especially the first episode i mean it's true that kara had always knew about her powers but it just feels like she quickly turned to supergirl and in a couple of episodes she gave away her identity to her best friend and her crush made an interview with her boss ....

but to me the biggest fault of the show is "Superman"

Man of steel has been a vague character on the show being mentioned in probably every episode to date on the show by different name kara's cousin, ka el, clark, superman, man of steel...

while we all know and love superman but this show was meant to focus on kara's journey but it feels like she's being compared in every episode to her cousin i think it would've been better if all the comparision was done in one episode to work as a trigger for kara to look for her own way and undergo her own journey but i think the show is still going to focus on kara being superman's cousin more then her being supergirl.


What do you think of the show and what do you think it needs to compete with the other DC series


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