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*** Warning! Spoilers follow for both the Walking Dead TV show and comic book series follow... so you are warned! Again, Warning! ***

The mid-season finale didn't go how fans of the show and comics had assumed it would play out. It ended with a "Mom?" When most were expecting a "Dad?" Everyone was also expecting a main character to die off, but instead it was a lesser one, but a very important character to the founding of Alexandria, Deanna.

The mid-season finale also seemed like it was supposed to be longer, but it was cut off right in the middle of a sentence, or word. Not really the usual cliff-hanger mid-season finale, what-the-heck-just-happened type that brings us all pretty close to tears, or does. Instead it was more of a "That's it!? Where's the rest of the episode!?" The title 'Start to Finish' wasn't exactly a good one for the episode. It should have at least included a 'Part 1' because we know that the mid-season premiere will be picking up exactly where we had left off making it 'Part 2', or it should have been called 'Start' and the premiere be called 'Finish'. So now, we can only speculate on what we "think" will happen the next part of the season.

So lets start with what we know: Ricks hand? Sam's gone crazy? Carl and Ron? Enid and Glenn? and finally, Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl get stopped by Negan's minions.


Rick's Hand...

As most people already know, Rick doesn't have his hand in the comic books. He lost that due to the Governor who had wanted some information on the prison. They didn't want to do that in the show because, at the time, would have cost too much with the green screen and special effects. But now, could they?

Even if the Zombie didn't have it's blood on the knife, but someones or somethings blood, then Rick's hand could get a bad infection, which could then lead to its getting cut off. Or possibly Negan would want some information on Alexandria and decide to give Rick a nub?

Little Boy Sam Has Lost His Marbles...

What normal kid wouldn't have psychopathic tendencies or go nuts (with all that death and killing going around) in a world like that? We've seen it happen to "look at the flowers Lizzie" already. In the comics, Sophia, Carol's daughter, never turned into a walker and got shot by Rick, but instead, she lived on... but sort of went wacko as well. Carol died back at the prison so Glenn and Maggie decided to take care of her. When Maggie had her baby and Glenn died, she decided to take the kids down to Hilltop (which you probably know nothing about). Anyway, it seems that Sam has/will take Sophia's place in the story line of the show. A few things lead me to believe this.

1. Sophia did something reckless like walking into a horde.
2. Negan's casting
3. The horde in Alexandria (which the Zombies in the comic books kill both Ron and Jessie)
Maggie being pregnant

But if Ron and Jessie do die in the horde of walkers, and Carol and Daryl take care of Sam; (if fans are right and Daryl gets the visit from Lucille, Negan's bat) Carol will feel like she doesn't have anything to live for, and she'll journey to the zombies, so that will only leave one couple: Glenn and Maggie.

Carl, Ron, and Gang Are In the Horde...

Walker guts, blood, limbs, and such, as we know can protect you (or at least mask your stench) from the walking dead. So we know that they'll be fine as long as nobody freaks out or there isn't any rain. Two scenarios (possibly more) can play out with their situation, including,

1. Something goes terribly wrong with their plan and they all try to get away which leads to gunfire, and Bam! Right side of the head gone!
2. They remain among the walkers and others, not knowing they're right there, start to shoot and they all here a "Dad?" They all look and see the above image.

The possibilities are endless on how it will play out! (I had previously thought that Enid was going to get the shot, but with Carl and others already in the horde, and Glenn and Enid not really there, the "evidence" leads me to believe otherwise, obviously.

Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl...

Since the after-credits scene (above), we now know that Negan is coming sooner than we thought! The scene, I'd say, is really the only "major cliffhanger" of the episode. Could/will the three get taken captive by Negan's minions? (Which could then lead to the theory of how Daryl will die.) Or will they be allowed to go their separate ways? Most likely not. We'll all be VERY upset if Daryl does die (he probably wont because that would mean riots would begin and the shows viewing figures would go down, and they wouldn't like that! But there again, if they he does, then it'll be the most likely/anticipated death in The Walking Dead.)

So What Do You Think? What Are YOUR Thoughts On the Rest Of the Season? How Do YOU Think It'll Play Out? Tell Me All, In the Comments Section Below, and Don't Forget To Follow! Thanks For Reading!


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