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The Internet is full of pictures of sweet puppies and adorable cats, but there is a section of the Internet that few dare to venture - the dark side. In the last couple of days a set of 19 photos have surfaced that has left those that have seen them completely creeped out and scratching their heads.

The image above along with 18 other photos were posted by an anonymous source on (a photo sharing site) approximately two days ago. They were accompanied by only the title,

A kid I went to high school with takes absolutely astonishing surrealistic photos.

The mysterious photographs have been making the rounds since appearing on imgur. A Reddit user by the name of rwm5236 shared the photos to the popular news site just a day ago. Is this Reddit user the person that originally posted the photographs. There are no hints as to who the photographer is. The mysterious imgur album has received roughly 1,045,697 views in just the first couple of days.

Most of the photographs show what appears to be black masses, apparitions, various scenes with fire, nooses and suicidal acts. Some of the photos appear to also be making a political statement. They are truly the darker side of art and photography.

Here are just a few of the disturbingly beautiful photos:

To see the whole gallery and to see if you can piece together this mystery, here is the original post on


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