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When news dropped last month of a Memento remake, the whole world let out an exasperated sigh, regretting yet another remake of a classic film. Recasting a remake is never easy, especially when each actor portrayed their role to perfection in the original. But, be that as it may, here are my thoughts on who should replace Christopher Nolan's phenomenal cast, as well as Nolan himself, in the upcoming remake.

1. Armie Hammer - Leonard

Armie Hammer is an actor who's really been on a Hollywood roller-coaster the last few years, scoring important roles in hits such as The Social Network and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., as well as the infamous flop The Lone Ranger. But in all of those films, there was one thing constant: a solid performance from leading man Hammer. As far as leading the Memento remake, he does have a similar look to Guy Pearce (other than a half-foot difference in height), and could use a breakout role to show a gritty side to his talents.

2. Jennifer Carpenter - Natalie

Carpenter is no doubt well-known for her role of Debra Morgan on the hit crime-drama, Dexter, and has recently reappeared on the small screen with the hit CBS crime comedy Limitless, the sequel series to the 2011 movie. The actress would be the perfect choice for the role of Natalie, as she can bring just the right amount of mystique and intrigue to the role.

3. Paul Giamatti - Teddy

Giamatti is one of my favorite actors currently in the film industry thanks to his range in performances, from comedy to drama to action. With this range, he would be the perfect choice for the crooked cop/potential murderer/partner in crime Teddy. He could bring the perfect blend of mystery and weasel-ness needed for this role.

4. Michael Shannon - Dodd

Even if you don't know him by name, odds are you've seen Michael Shannon in some kind of villainous role in film, whether it was General Zod in Man of Steel or crooked cop Bobby Monday in Premium Rush. His history as a villain makes him the right choice for the antagonistic Dodd. Even if he's not the main villain of the film, Shannon can bring all the sinister personality to the role.

5. Jena Malone - Leonard's Wife

Now I know what your thinking: "If she's such a small role that she doesn't even have a name, why are you bothering recasting her?" Well, if you've seen the original movie, then you would know that even though she has a fairly small role, she has a major impact on the whole story. After all, the whole motive of Leonard in the movie is for him to find his wife's murderer, so if we want to agree with his motives, we need someone to portray her as someone that deserves to be avenged.

Jena Malone is the right fit for this role, as she can bring the right amount of heart and warmth to the role as needed, and is more than capable of delivering the gut-wrenching twist revealed at the end of the film.

Director: David Robert Mitchell - Christopher Nolan

How do you replace a big-name director like Christopher Nolan? Especially since Memento was his and his brother Jonathan's passion project early in their careers. Rather than replace him with another blockbuster director, I think replacing him with the up-and-coming David Robert Mitchell is the perfect choice. Mitchell has only directed two feature-length films so far, his last one, It Follows, earned wide critical acclaim and appeared on many people's top horror movies of 2014. He knows how to give us an intimate look into characters' lives and create some effective suspenseful sequences, which could really come in handy for the upcoming remake.

Now, I'm not very happy that Memento is being remade, as the original was such an incredible and mesmerizing film with some incredible performances as well as great character and plot development. But if the newest film looks at getting these solid performers to work on the new film, it already has a strong chance at success.


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