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(Disclaimer - the following contains plot speculation relating to upcoming films in the DC Extended Universe aka DCEU. It's pure speculation and I don't claim any of the following to actually be fact. This is purely for fun.)


Next year, we're being given two, awesome looking DC-inspired movies in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and Suicide Squad. There's tons of excitement surrounding both films because of the great world-building that seems to be going on behind the scenes as Warner Bros. and DC seek to establish their own comic-book/superhero cinematic universe similar to Marvel Studios'.

But unlike Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. retains all the rights to use any character that exists within the DC Universe and that's a big advantage and leaves many doors open for future films and stories. There are characters that no one could expect to show up on screen that will. I mean, just look at the characters in Suicide Squad, did anyone really think any of those characters (minus one or two) would really make it into a live-action film? I know I didn't, at least not in one film centered around them.

The point is, there are no rules to this universe apparently, anything is up for consideration and one of those things that I think we should consider is the recent rumor that Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness), who is confirmed to be playing the role of Steve Trevor in the World War I portion of the 2017 Wonder Woman film, might actually be playing two roles.

The Rumor

Said Taghmaoui and Chris Pine on Wonder Woman set
Said Taghmaoui and Chris Pine on Wonder Woman set

The rumor comes from Heroic Hollywood:

"The rumor according to sources is that Chris Pine in that picture is playing Steve Trevor's GRANDFATHER!

You see, during the World War One section of the movie, Steve Trevor's grandfather is the one that crashes on the island and meets Gal Gadot's Diana. Grandpa Trevor is the one who shows Diana the outside world and helps her beat Ares. He then passes away.

In modern times, Diana meet's Grandpa Trevor's descendant THAT LOOKS EXACTLY like him, and helps her battle Ares again. So Chris Pine is playing a dual role. Both Steve Trevor and Grandpa Trevor. Makes total sense when you think about it and within the realm of possibility."

This isn't necessarily surprising news since Chris Pine is a huge actor --

what's funny is that someone once debated the star power of Chris Pine and said he'll never be that big

-- it wouldn't make sense to just use him in part of the film and not another. Oh, no...I think there's a lot more going on than what we see on the surface and I believe that Hollywood Heroic has possibly only got it half right. But for me to put forth my theory, there are a few other things we've got to cover first.

The Classic Origin of Steve Trevor and WWI Aviation

The following origin details come from ComicVine:

"Young Steve Trevor always wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps and become a test pilot for the Air Force. After discovering from his father that his mother had died in a plane crash, Trevor set out to accomplish his goals. He graduated the academy and worked his way up to the rank of Colonel. One mission had him test pilot the fighter jet, the Phantom. During the course of flight, Trevor was attacked by a minion of Ares and crash-landed onto Themyscira, where he met Princess Diana who would later become known as Wonder Woman."

Keeping in mind with what information we're given here regarding the original origin of Steve Trevor and applying it to the way aviation pilots operated in WWI kind of bears some similarities and there are easy justifications for where things may not line up completely.

If you do some research on WWI aviation like I did (wikipedia), you'll find that "aeroplanes" were just starting to be used for military purposes. The planes were mostly used for reconnaissance missions and many of the pilots, since this was a brand new kind of tool/weapon of war, had to learn through experience. It's almost like you could look to them as some version of an early test pilot, similar to how Steve Trevor wanted to be when he was a kid.

Well, I believe that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor that we'll see in Wonder Woman will be the man we see on the set photos during the WWI era. I believe that Steve Trevor will have had a dream to fly and will be one of the first pilots of WWI to really master his craft.

Ares' Minions Attack Steve Trevor

Ares has been a character rumored to appear as the big bad guy of Wonder Woman and I believe that that isn't an unfounded suggestion since he is a prominent character in Wonder Woman's mythos and lore.

I also believe that with a WWI setting, Ares will be drawing a lot of power from the nations going to war with each other. The events of WWI will be stirred by his hand so as to grow even more powerful. But I think that Steve Trevor, a WWI reconnaissance pilot will somehow get the attention of Ares, God of War, and will be subject to his minions who will ultimately cause him to end up on Themyscira just like his origins says. And just like the origins, I believe this is where Steve will be Wonder Woman and be one of the many reasons why Wonder Woman leaves the island.

Speaking of Wonder Woman...

I think there'll be an obvious romantic relationship between both Steve and Diana, an attraction by both to something that has never been seen before, Steve Trevor: seeing an Amazonian woman/demi-god (possibly) and Diana Prince: seeing a man for the first time and seeing that they're not all like the woman on Themyscira think them to be.

But I don't think the relationship will be able to last. I don't think Steve Trevor gets a happy ending with Wonder Woman like we would typically see in most superhero movies.

I think that Steve will want a relationship with Wonder Woman but she, being fresh of the island, will see just how much the world will need her and will not foresee a future of love until man's world has been healed of its sickness and freed from evil.

Wonder Woman will live forever and couldn't possibly have a relationship with Steve because he's nothing more than a mere mortal man.

It'll be bittersweet but Steve will have moved on with his life and married and had children of his own and through the generations, the military lifestyle will be a tradition passed on. The will to fly will always be an inherited desire.

The famed acts of what Steve Trevor did during WWI will be family history and he will always be remembered as a hero. Women in that family will play a big role too, despite whatever hurdles were thrown at them through the different time periods. There's a lesson taught within the family that one can be as strong as they want to be, male or female.

These lessons will carry on and as the women in the Trevor family, one woman, whether it's the daughter of Steve Trevor or a further descendant will have married into another family and adopted a new family name that Chris Pine's second character will have in the modern times...

Hal Jordan

You read that right. I believe that Hal Jordan, who will later on become the Green Lantern, will be Chris Pine's second character and that the DCEU will tie him as a relative to the great pilot of WWI, Steve Trevor.

This would be a great and interesting way to tie more characters into the DCEU and further establish the Justice League coming together. I think that Hal will be just a regular man in this movie but that will to fly will stem from the acts generations ago that his great-grandfather, Steve Trevor, will have performed.

"But Aaron, what makes you think Chris Pine is Hal Jordan?"

Well, to answer that question, there is a string of previous rumors that makes me believe that this could be a very real possibility and they all stem from Fast and Furious 7, actor, Tyrese Gibson as well as bits of info revealed at Comic Con.

Let's start following the bread crumbs shall we?

  • Tyrese Gibson had posted an instagram hinting that he's been in talks with Warner Bros. to star as John Stewart's Green Lantern.

As you can see in the tag of his post, he mentions that he's definitely at WB to discuss the 2020 Green Lantern reboot.

  • Calling out Chris Pine in his instagram.

June 24, 2015 is when it gets really interesting. Chris Pine and Tyrese Gibson have never starred in anything together. So why would Tyrese be putting this picture of himself as John Stewart and Chris Pine as Hal Jordan unless he had some insider knowledge, which is sort of possible since he is an actor and a lot more likely to be privy to this sort of information?

Plus, who said the movie would star both Hal and John anyways?

Well, that leads me to my next and final link...

  • Green Lantern Corps announced at San Diego Comic Con 2015

On July 11, 2015, at the San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that the reboot effort of Green Lantern's film in the DCEU would be titled Green Lantern Corps, as in: "more than one Lantern".

One source, JoBlo, says that film has been described as:

"Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a "Lethal Weapon in space" team-up."

But the interesting thing is that Tyrese Gibson seemed to know that the film would star more than one Green Lantern even before it was announced several weeks later at the San Diego Comic Con! What's more is that he included Chris Pine in both the post on June 24 before the announcement and on July 24, after the announcement.

As we now know, Chris Pine is in the DC Extended Universe but with still so much mystery surrounding his involvement concerning two different time periods, it makes you wonder what might be going on that we don't know.


This is all just a theory though, something fun to ponder. There's no real source of where I got this information from, I'm just trying to piece many pieces together from various sources. Maybe there's truth to it, maybe my claims are unfounded and random. But it would be cool if they decided to introduce Green Lantern this way, especially considering that he's the only Justice League member who hasn't been cast yet, or at least announced.

But what do you guys think of my theory? Do you think it's possible that Chris Pine could be both Steve Trevor and Hal Jordan? Would you like it if it were true? Let me know in the comments section below!


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