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As a kid, there were few movie scenes that made me laugh as hard as Chris Farley's "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" gag from Tommy Boy. It's a simple bit, but the absurdity of Chris Farley busting out of a David Spade-sized coat is just genuinely funny.

On Conan on TBS, Spade revealed the humble origins of the bit and a heartwarming memory of the late comedian. Watch the interview excerpt from last night's interview to hear the story.

While the 1995 buddy comedy was the first time we saw "Fat Guy in a Little Coat," it was a time-honored classic in the SNL writers room. So much so, that David Spade, Farley's SNL office partner, co-star, and best friend, grew weary of having to buy new jackets.

It's great to know that an inside joke between best friends could go on to become such a classic piece of comedy. After enough torn Levi jackets, I can understand Spade's fatigue towards the bit. But in the end, the outerwear that was destroyed seems like a pretty small price to pay.

In case you haven't seen the hilarity that is "Fat Guy in a Little Coat," check out the Tommy Boy scene between Chris Farley and David Spade.

(Source: Conan O'Brien)


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