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The holidays are quickly approaching and the gifting mayhem is in full swing. Gift cards are nice, but they just aren't as personal as finding that one incredible gift for that special someone. Are you looking to buy for a Star Wars fan in your life, but you get lost in the vast sea of merchandise and you don't want to spend hours searching for the best deal? Well, here are the top 20 toys and collectibles along with the best deals.

20. 'Star Wars' Risk

Risk has destroyed friendships and created rivalries for years, but now maybe your relationships can be salvaged as you bond over how awesome this Star Wars theme is. The board is shaped like a TIE Fighter (which is awesome) and the entire game is filled with Star Wars themed challenges. Have a great game night and may the force be with you.

Price Range: $30-$40

Best Deal: $29.00 at Walmart

19. Unmasked "Vader" POP! Vinyl Bobble-Head

Funko has been making a killing on these awesome figures, and their new Star Wars releases are even cooler. The regular Darth Vader POP! flew off of shelves, but this unmasked version is even better. Fans of Return of the Jedi will absolutely love it.

Price Range: $9-$14

Best Deal: $9.37 at Hot Topic

18. Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

Every Star Wars fan wants their own lightsaber. This Bladebuilders kit allows you to customize and come up with your very own saber ideas. This is ideal for the younger fans as they do make the more sturdy, life-like sabers for adults.

Price Range: $35-$50

Best Deal: $34.99 at Kmart

17. 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' Furbacca

I think we can all agree, Furbies are creepy. I personally never had an interest in them until the release of Furbacca. While it is completely gimmicky, Furbacca is pretty awesome.

Price Range: $72-$99.99

Best Deal: $72.35 at Kmart

16. C-3PO & R2-D2 3.75-Inch Figure Pack

These are the droids you're looking for. R2-D2 (though he doesn't speak) has always been a personal favorite of mine. These two are the droid versions of Luke and Han, and who doesn't love them? This pair would be a great addition to any Star Wars collection or a great start to a new one.

Price Range: $14-$30

Best Deal: $14.95 at Toys R US

15. Hero Series 12-Inch Flametrooper Figure

A new film means new characters, and this Flametrooper is pretty awesome. Not sure how he sees, but still one of the coolest looking characters. How do you make a stormtrooper better? Equip him with an incendiary device.

Price Range: $12-$16

Best Deal: $12.29 at Walmart

14. LEGO 'Star Wars' Millennium Falcon

This is an awesome set with quite the price tag. A lot of stores are already sold out, so if you are looking to add this one to your collection, you better act fast. This set is an updated version of the older set- it includes the BB-8 droid as well as fin and aged Leia and Han.

Price Range: $140-$200

Best Deal: $145 on Ebay

13. Black Series Rey 6-Inch Figure

All of the Black Series figures look incredible and are highly detailed. This Rey figure is no different, and what makes it so cool is the tiny BB-8 droid that you get with her- there isn't a detail left out. She is another that is flying off the shelves.

Price Range: $28-$45

Best Deal: $27.95 on Ebay

12. Jabba the Hutt, Slave Leia & Salacious B. Crumb POP!

This is one of the coolest POP! sets made for the Star Wars saga. This was a Walmart exclusive and they have sold out on their site (you may be able to find a few in stores).

Price Range: $49-$70

Best Deal: $49.99 on Ebay

11. Captain Phasma 20-Inch Figure

The first female stormtrooper would make for a great addition to any Star Wars collection. It would also make sense to purchase the 20" figure since Phasma is being played by the statuesque Gwendoline Christie (who is 6'3").

Price Range: $18-$30

Best Deal: $18 at Kmart

10. Finn 20-Inch Figure

Every figure released for Force Awakens has been incredibly detailed. The 20-inch figures are obviously going to be more detailed and they aren't that much more than the 12-inch figures, so why not go big?

Price Range: $19-$30

Best Deal: $19.99 at Target

9. Micro Machines R2-D2 Battle Set

What little boy didn't have Micro Machines growing up? They had licensing to pretty much everything and now they're back! The set features our favorite fur ball (Chewbacca) facing off against a snowtrooper on what appears to be Hoth. What's not to love?

Price Range: $18-$30

Best Deal: $18.42 at Kmart

8. 24-Inch Talking Chewbacca

Most of the other Chewbacca figures are hard plastic, but this one is covered in fur (as he should be). You can pose him in any way that you would like, he makes all of the awesome noises that we know and love.

Price Range: $29-$60

Best Deal: $29.99 at Toys R Us

7. Black Series First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

This awesome figure debuted at this past Comic-Con. The Pilot that comes with the TIE fighter is to-scale. Like all other figures in the Black Series, both the fighter and the pilot are incredibly detailed and well worth the money.

Price Range: $170-$220

Best Deal: $169.99 at Gamestop

6. 'Star Wars' Battlefront

Battlefront promises a true Star Wars experiences for players. You will do battle across the galaxy on familiar planets like Hoth all the way to Sullust - the new planet from The Force Awakens. Creators have also promised loads of downloadable content to make your experience even better.

Price Range: $59.99-$69.99 (deluxe edition is available for $10 more)

Best Deal: $59.99 at Walmart

5. Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Kylo Ren Figure

That is not a screen grab, that is the actual figure. Hot Toys is known for their incredible figures and this Kylo is phenomenal- the lightsaber looks real. Nothing is left out, not even the tiniest of details. This Kylo Ren is on the extremely high-end side.

Price Range: $213-$260

Best Deal: $212.99 at AP Collectibles

4. Air Hogs 'Star Wars' RC Millennium Falcon

Air Hogs has brought us several unique toys through the years, and their newest product is even more incredible than its predecessors. The regular Millennium Falcon play sets are great, but who wouldn't want one that you can actually fly (without being in space and without a pilot's license)?

Price Range: $39-$60

Best Deal: $39.99 at Walmart

3. Remote Control BB-8

This was originally a Target exclusive, but they have since sold out online. There may be a select few left in-store, but the majority are listed on Ebay and hobby sites. With this RC BB-8, you can be in control of your very own droid (just be prepared to go broke buying batteries).

Price Range: $91-$150

Best Deal: $91.18 from

2. 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Battle Action Millennium Falcon

The most iconic ship from the Star Wars series comes with Finn and Chewbacca. I'm a little confused as to why Han doesn't come with it, but it is a pretty awesome toy nonetheless.

Price Range: $111-$140

Best Deal: $111.99 at Toys R Us

1. BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

It may be tiny, but it is awesome. This BB-8 is controlled entirely by your phone; this droid will become the center of your party or traumatize your pets (what you do with it is your business). One would assume something like this would cost a small fortune, but it is relatively reasonable for such an incredible piece of technology.

Price Range: $149-$196

Best Deal: $149.95 at the Apple Store

Follow this gift guide and you will become the Jedi Master of gift giving. Happy holidays and may the force be with you!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters December 18th!


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