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Hey its me Blackbatman and i have some great news to share and my awesome theories and how to draws
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In the latest trailers we have seen some scenes of the film,

Batmans nightmare
Batmans nightmare

Batman and superman are indeed gonna fight in the new film, and that is what everybody is waiting for to see batman beat superman, but wait zack snyder did say at a comic con,

"batman couldn't beat superman in a real fight come on"

but we all know chances of superman beating batman are not very high, come on now look at the past for example,

that is just four, now hear me out everybody i'm a huge fan of both heros but when it comes to them fighting supes just aint gonna cut it he is to much of a boy scout

the reason why batman will win every time
the reason why batman will win every time

batman is just to much for superman to handle lets all be honest here batman is gonna win in the new film, and hey look on the bright side at least we can see some batman superman films in the near future....(2019) heh heh no, the far future.

now batman is really pissed from what happend to a wayne tower in supes terf, now its war.

lets wait for the film to come out ok.


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