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It seems that I am not alone in celebrating the beginning of Star Wars month. Professional theorist Matthew Patrick, also known as MatPat from the popular YouTube channel The Game Theorists, has recently released a new theory on his second channel,The Film Theorists.

In this Star Wars theory, MatPat suspects the same thing that many of us fans have already surmised: that the Jedi savior Luke Skywalker has fallen victim to the lure of the Dark Side. This in no way is an unpopular theory, since countless others have reached the same conclusion when investigating Luke's disappearance from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens trailers.

You can watch the full theory here:

MatPat starts out by discussing the Expanded Universe, which has unfortunately been labeled "non-canon" by the new Star Wars executives. According to one particular story in the Star Wars EU, a clone of Palpatine emerges, and finally seduces Luke with the Dark Side of the Force. Since that book isn't canonical, that story should remain insignificant to the plot, right? Well according to MatPat, "the seed of an idea" still exists.

The theorist goes on to list a number of different Jedi in current Star Wars canon that have given in to the Dark Side, including Count Dooku, Barriss Offee, and of course Anakin Skywalker. MatPat then brings up a quote from Star Wars creator George Lucas himself to show the similarity between father and son.

" rhymes..."

Of course that's far from a full quote, but it was taken from a quote where Lucas described the Star Wars saga, comparing the similarities between both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. "Qui-Gon mirrors Obi-Wan, Amidala mirrors Leia, and the clearest example of all, Anakin mirrors Luke." as MatPat puts it.

He also points out how Yoda treated both Anakin and Luke Skywalker basically the same. In the prequel trilogy, Yoda claimed Anakin couldn't begin training because he was too old, when he was only ten. What does that mean for Luke? As Yoda says shortly after meeting Luke on Dagobah, "He is too old. Yes. Too old to begin the training."


MatPat continues to say that Yoda even warned Luke that he will fall down the same path as Vader when Luke left to Bespin to go help his friends. As Yoda says, "Only a fully trained Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader,and his emperor. If you end your training now, if you choose the quick and easy path, as Vader did, you will become an agent of evil."

Obviously Luke didn't, as he defeated Vader in his duel on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. So are we just meant to believe that Yoda, a powerful Jedi master known for his wisdom, was wrong? Maybe not, maybe Luke's descent was right in front of him all along.

Is it just me, or does Luke look a little Sith-ish?
Is it just me, or does Luke look a little Sith-ish?

The theorist points out that there were several clues to Luke Skywalker's darker path in Return of the Jedi, including the black Palpatine-esque cloak he wore in Jabba's palace. He also deals death threats to Jabba, and when he confronts the Emperor at the end of the film, he attempts to strike him down. Only Vader's intervention saved the Emperor's life. All of those aren't very Jedi-like.

Though MatPat has plenty more evidence in his video, he brings one more very important fact to our attention. In 2005, on a show called Dinner For Five, Kevin Smith asked Mark Hamill if he thought that Luke should have turned to the Dark Side. Hamill replied:

"I pitched that to George [Lucas]... as an actor that would have been more fun to play, I just thought that's the way it was going..."

Guess who else was at that very same table right across from Mark Hamill?

That's right. J.J. Abrams, the director of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens was there on the show 10 years ago, before he was ever offered to direct. Could it be that Abrams remembered that conversation a decade ago, and has chosen to use that as the pivotal secret in the new Star Wars movie? It certainly seems that way. After all, we know that Abrams is big on secrets and mysteries in movies.

Out of all of the "Luke turned to the Dark Side" theories, MatPat by far put forth the most convincing evidence. In fact, now I would be surprised if Luke wasn't a Sith lord by now. But what do you think?

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