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So, everyone has by now watched the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV spot premiering late last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. If not, here it is...again!

In my opinion, the sneak-peek gave me chills. It was both terrifying and brooding, what DC has prided themselves on in a few of their most recently produced New 52 titles, their FOX television show Gotham as well as the CW's Arrow (now on it's fourth season), and what has become so far of the DCCU. It confronts the realities of Bruce Wayne and Cal El's crusades on evil, and at this moment, against each other.

However, not only do I think this preview gives insights as to how far deep in the pit of rage both heroes have sunk, but that it also tells of the radical groups behind the two masks. We've already seen the death-cult, nazi-type Superman soldiers bowing to the Man of Steel in the second trailer, but also as shown in this clip devoutly anticipating the return of their seeming warlord to interrogate to Dark Knight in shackles. But who are Batman's fellow prisoners, and do they have any ties to the caped vigilante?

Well, I have a theory. As most of us know, Snyder's Dawn of Justice has been strongly influenced by and pitched as a light adaptation of Frank Miller's bestselling "The Dark Knight Returns". Even in the latest trailer, we see shots reminiscent of the graphic novel and the over-arching theme of an aged, anger-stricken Bruce Wayne taking on the youthful "new kid in town", which he views as a menace to society, Superman.

Nice shot, Bruce!
Nice shot, Bruce!

Well, in "The Dark Knight Returns", Batman is offered allegiance after a one-man guerilla war against the long-thriving "gang of mutants" by those who call themselves the 'Sons of Batman'. These ex-thugs are so transformed by their fear and reverence of the Batman, they ultimately end up dedicating themselves to his mission of bringing peace once more to Gotham. So how does this have anything to do with Batman v Superman? Well, I'll tell you. I believe the men standing in chains beside Batman in that underground holding cell thingy ARE the 'Sons of Batman'! Wouldn't it make so much more sense for Batman to be leading his own army against the Man of Steel's secret base, guarded by his own secret service instead of going in all alone, especially due to his older age and more worn out character? Is Snyder making a point about the parallels of both characters agenda to mobilize, and in the process radicalize, people? I mean, you can totally tell by their rebel-type outfits and face paint that they totally look like the 'Sons of Batman'! See the resemblance?

Uncanny, don't you think?
Uncanny, don't you think?

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