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The X-Men Apocalypse trailer is going to premiere with the new Star Wars movie. Today I learned from that a description for the trailer has been released so here it is:

The trailer opens with Jean Grey waking from a nightmare. She tells Professor Xavier something along the lines of, “I have seen the end of the world. There was only death.”
There’s a montage of footage of the young mutants at Xavier’s school, followed by a scene of Moira MacTaggert telling Xavier that they’ve discovered a god-like mutant who may be the origin of the species.
Cut to a shot of an intimidating hooded figure being followed by Psylocke and Storm. They search for mutants, and the hooded figure lists the many names he has been known by over the centuries. He says that the world needs to change, and be remade by mutants. The three of them find Magneto. Magneto asks, “Who are you?” The figure pulls down his hood to reveal the face of Apocalypse.
There’s a montage of the destruction caused by Apocalypse.
We see a shot of Xavier looking frightened. Either he or Jean says, “It can control all of us.” We’re shown two opposing groups of mutants (likely Apocalypse’s Horsemen and Xavier’s students and/or allies). Apocalypse sends a burst of energy through Xavier and his wheelchair, and Jean screams
There’s a slow motion scene of Quicksilver running through the hallway leading towards Cerebro.
Mystique tells Xavier, “I came to fight.”
Professor X enters the Cerebro chamber, and his eyes become black. He says, “I’ve never felt like this before,” and is possibly possessed by Apocalypse.
The final shot is of a bald Professor X.

does this movie sound good to you?

It sounds awesome to me!

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