ByW Lee, writer at

I have stated before that Supergirl showed promise to be a good show but seemed to lack the pathos of its much superior DC comics show The Flash. Last night episode showed a glimmer of hope however. The scene with her showing the reason for her anger while obliterating Red Tornado with her laser beam vision had that glimmer. I think two huge mistakes where made though that could have made the episode even better. 1) Dont think she should have totatly destroyed RT as he is after a super hero in the end. 2) I hope they revisit this "but I think they should have showed in RT first apperance" the humanity of a sentient being coming into existence. This could not only be the emotional heft this show needs but also allow Kara/Supergirl the opportunity to explore her relationship to being perceived as a human even though shes not. Finally I know Hank Henshow maybe Cyborg Superman but I really want him to be the Martian Manhunter. They did mentioned that Kara stepfather was chasing a hostile alien in the show when he disappered.


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