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Nintendo's really been hitting it out of the park in the past couple of years, with the release of Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon. However, one of Nintendo's games for the season did not smash it out of the park, or rather the tennis court, as it's other counterparts: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

Hearing the reception of the game, I did what anyone would. I pulled out the remake of the original game for Wii, got some friends together, and we started to play that in comparison to the new one for Wii U. And well... here's what happened.

The New Game Isn't Fair

The original game only had one controller type to use, the 64 Controller. This set it up so that no matter what happened, it was you playing the game, not the game playing you. The combos and powershots were made by the actions of the player, and it resulted in fair matches and Mario Tennis was great for friends.

However, Ultra Smash lacks this. The game is filled to the brim in 'power shots' where the game decides where the ball is heading and gives more powerful hits if you hit the right button. It also has the Ultra Smash, the name sake attack. The game gives shots to players where the character literally knocks the ball out of the stadium. It ruins the possibility of a fair game, because one player can get ten or more ultra smashes in a set of tennis while the opposing player doesn't get one.

This Ultra Smash Can't Be That Bad

Allow me to put it into perspective: you know how in professional matches of Super Smash Bros. the Smash Ball (it's major power-up) isn't allowed? It creates an unfair advantage? This power-up is similar to the Smash Ball in that it can end a match in one button mash. I don't know about you people on the internet, but I like my victories to be based on skill rather than sheer luck.

What about the Mega Mushroom?

The Mega Mushroom causes more problems in multiplayer than you think. If you are playing doubles (the standard four player mode), you rue your partner getting the mushroom (Pass me that shroom yo). It becomes near impossible for the smaller player to move around and the opposing side has little hope in receiving the ball.

At least the controls are easy.....?

They're easy if you're on the Wii U Game Pad or you're playing on the GameCube controller. If you're on the old Wii remote, I feel your pain. The controls on the Wii Remote (or as my sister calls the Wiimote) are limited. Powershots are unavailable and the Ultra Smash combination becomes difficult to even press the buttons in time. It wrecks the possibility of multiplayer, unless you have three GameCube controllers and a controller port (which get expensive).

So Consensus?

If you want to play the game, rent it or find it from someone who didn't really like it. It's great to play single player, but multiplayer is wrecked with unfair power shots and lacking controls. It's an alright game, but I would rather play the original version.

What do you think? Is Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash really that bad? Tell me in the Comments!


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