ByThomas Kohain, writer at

Tyler Posey (The Alpha Eye)

Dylan O'Brien (When he sits down at the hospital)

Holland Roden (When she screams like in Episode 1 from season 5)

Shelley Hennig (Her Were-Coyote form)

(The full Coyote to the desert wolf her face)

Arden Cho (The Kiss with Scott)

Dylan Sprayberry (Same as in 5A)

Cody Christian (Like when he falls down when Stiles and Liam search for him where Liam falls in a hole)

(The full wolf to the dread doctors)

Ryan Kelley (Like when he was sitting on fire in season 5A to the scene in the prison and his eyes turned orange/red)

Khylin Rhambo (When he laughs with Brett in 5A)

(The school like in Episode 10 of Season 5 to La Bete)

To the name of Jeff Davis

To Teen Wolf.


Daniel Sharman (after Ryan Kelley, from season 3)

Colton Haynes (after Cody Christian, from when he jumps out of the water in season 2 Episode 1 to when he transforms in a werewolf)

It might be fake (The Daniel & Colton part) But Jeff spoiled that he had a big opening surprise. So who knows?


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