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Joey Gutierrez was the first Inhuman introduced in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD. His abilities seem somewhat unique, and his allegiances are cloudy. Let’s deal with my first thoughts first. When Joey first appeared I thought he was set to become:


Here’s Why:

1. Hellfire is a Secret Warrior. Daisy and Coulson suggested their team would be the Secret Warriors.

2. In the comics, he was recruited by Daisy as well

3. They both have metallic control powers in some sort of way, but Joey’s powers could change significantly, thus making him closer to his comicbook counterpart

4. Joey loves motorcycles, which bears resemblance to the idea of Hellfire (with the show making him more connected to Ghost Rider than Phantom Rider)

5. Another Secret Warrior, Slingshot, has just been cast on the show, suggesting a use of the same team lineup.

While this could still happen, I considered a few more ideas.

After a while of thinking, I considered the fact that he might become a villain for the Agents of SHIELD, but that villain would have to be a B-level villain that isn’t TOO powerful. After a while of thinking, inspiration hit. Joey Gutierrez could definitely become the classic Avengers villain...


Here’s Why:

1. The original Melter, Bruno Horgan, used to work in development and design, while Joey was a construction worker.

2. They both obviously have melting abilities

3. The second Melter, Christopher Colchiss, walks the line between good and evil

4. Christopher also, like Joey, is wary about his powers and uses them with caution

He could even join the Masters of Evil, which I will talk more about HERE

So, what do you think? Who will Joey become? Hellfire? Melter? Someone else? Nobody else? Let’s talk about it in the comments

Thanks for reading!


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