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This cartoon is made in 1942 by a very well known company by the name of Warner Brothers known as THE TALE OF TWO KITTIES. I actually watched these old loony tunes back in the 1990's when Cartoon Network and Boomerang was respectfully the best cartoon channel in the world since it held great cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory, Ed, Edd'n Eddy, Johnny Bravo. Also since we had the J Craze going on we had the wonderful privilege of Toonami. Good times and with that in mind R.I.P Cartoon Network for you are not what you use to be. Any who we also like I said had great Loony Tunes with the funny gestures like the classic Donkey whenever someone was made a fool of as shown below.

Classic Loony Toons
Classic Loony Toons

Anyway the video at the beginning is known as A Tale of Two Kitties and the two cats are known as Babbit and Costello. In this video they were trying to catch Twitty Bird and did nothing but look like a fool while they were failing miserably. In fact they were getting wrekt by the small bird because they would try to fly and Twitty would shoot them down, and in other set Twitty would blow them up with dynamite. Just hilarious classic comedy.

Now the connection that I am making is that the two cats named Babbit and Costello were actual cartoon versions of a great duo known as Abbott and Costello.

These are personally two great Comedians Abbott and Costello that are not remembered now and days. These guys are the two cats in the cartoon A TELL OF TWO KITTIES. I thought I would give you this connection for the simple fact that some real old comedy acts and cartoons are still worth looking into, and the idea of crossovers like the Flash and Arrow crossover happened even in the 1940's and 1950's. So when you look at tonight's crossover with Arrow and Flash, then you can look back at oldies like this and say thank you for this idea


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