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With a tagline like "40 Years of Disrupting Media", you can only imagine that Troma Entertainment has accumulated quite a wide fanbase, most of which are fans of, well, disrupting, disturbing content... and by that, I mean us horror fans!

Troma Entertainment was founded by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz in 1974, and they quickly established Troma as a force to be reckoned with, as it is the longest running independent movie studio in North America. Their films range from "sexy comedies" like The First Turn-On! to dark comedies and horror films like The Toxic Avenger and Beware! Children At Play.

The films are known for their low-budget, over-the-top sexuality, gore, and violence, so horror fans, you're in for a big treat...

Troma Entertainment has announced TROMA NOW, available through VHX, their very own streaming service! For just $4.99/month, fans are able to (unlimitedly) immerse themselves in the world that is Tromaville!


It looks like Toxie's just as excited as we are! Aw, what the heck, go ahead and dance along! I'll be here when you're ready.

While you were dancing, I did a little bit of investigating, and for all of my horror fans out there, so far we've got 10 horror films for our enjoyment: Feartown, USA; The Toxic Avenger (duh); Pot Zombies, Redneck Zombies; Decampitated; The Children; Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies; The Slashening; Monster in the Closet; and Back Road Diner.

Redneck Zombies- told ya they're gory!
Redneck Zombies- told ya they're gory!

With over 55 different Troma masterpieces to choose from, your subscription will get you endless amounts of entertainment, and it doesn't end with horror. They have listed a handful of other genres as well, including "Tromatic Extras", Comedy, Sci-Fi, Documentary, and many others.

I know I'll be checking this one out; I suggest you all do the same so you can get your fix of Troma's madness!


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